Fluffy, Felicity and What Big Sisters Do

Considered a ‘black’ woman as I am (I’m a mix of multiple ethnicities) and deemed “ASD” as I am, I would love to believe that I’m free to express my thoughts in this country without some “master of old” telling me to shut up and sit down.

But having had a few of my posts go “missing” and an account suspended , I have been absolutely reminded of where my place is. Despite this talk of “free and equal rights” for women, minorities and the developmentally disabled being proclaimed ever so loudly and constantly by The System.

All others may enjoy this alleged “generosity” but I remain reminded.
Considering that The System is in fact, the master of old anyway, I have lived long enough to suffer this ridiculous irony with a grain of salt. There are more important things to tend to.

I will try to share a short hypothetical story that I’ve cobbled together.
With no insults. No blatant TOS infractions and nothing that can even be dreamnt of as being “illegal”. It is meant to simplify a very important fact. A fact which is of , or can be of, urgent consideration.

Because there will be a massive amount of disabled adults in the near future…our children…
and it is our RESPONSIBILITY to make sure they are not in the care of entities who will hinder, enslave or destroy them. That’s all.

So..here’s my story; it requires the reader to imagine him/herself in it.
Imagine, please, that you are a young child. It’s passed your bedtime and you happen to be standing by a doorway to the kitchen where your parents are engaged in a low but urgent discussion. Obviously, they are trying to come to an agreement as to how to take your little sister’s cat to the vet to get euthanized without her knowing.
They can’t see you, but you can hear them. Your little sister is snoring sweetly in the bedroom you just left.

Mom: “She’ll be upset.”
Dad: ” Don’t you think I know this? Of course she is. This is why I came up with this story you seem reluctant to tell.”
Mom: “But she’ll know, Honey. I mean, she knows you and your whole family hates cats anyway and she will know you had it killed.”
Dad; “Not if you keep smiling and remain calm. It’s simple. We need to stay on the same page
for at least a couple of years until she’s older and we can tell her the truth…if she even brings it up. Okay?”
Mom: (sigh) “I guess so…”
Dad: “That’s my girl. Come on..let me hear what you’re going to say.”
Mom: ” I’m going to say…..’Sweetheart, remember that family we adopted Fluffy from? Well,
they just had a new litter and they asked if we can bring her back for a visit to meet her new brothers and sisters. Isn’t that sweet, Honey? Me and Daddy know you are absolutely, without a doubt one of the most understanding little girls we’ve ever known. Selfishness has never been a problem with you and neither have we ever worried about you.
Now, we can’t say for sure when she will come back home, but I promise that we’ll go back to get her if you can be a good girl and wait at least a month. So she can at least have time to make some memories, okay? That’s my girl.’ “
Dad: “Perfect. She won’t suspect a thing if you say it like that.”

You hear Dad give Mom a quick smooch and you hurry back to your bed before they can get up from the table. You don’t think of it too much as you go back to sleep. After all, your sister is only five years old..and your parents, as far as you’re concerned, have ….Best Intentions.
Fast forward twenty years, please. You’re coming back from vacation and returning home.
You called on your aunt (Mom or Dad’s sister) to housesit for you. The most important chore was feeding and looking after your cat Felicity. But as you wander through the house, there isn’t the familiar purring and rushing in that Felicity usually does after you come home. You call your aunt and you ask where Felicity is. The conversation which follows-

Aunt: “Hi Honey, what’s up?”
You: “Um, hello Auntie…I just got in and I don’t see Felicity anywhere. Do you know if she found a new hiding spot or…..?”
Aunt: (merry and light chuckle) “Oh for goodness sake, I’m sorry, I totally forgot to tell you.
You know that nursing home I work for? Well, a new resident arrived who was having a hard time adjusting to a strange place.
I, knowing you’re one of the most absolutely, without a doubt one of the most understanding
women I’ve ever known, took her there. Selfishness has never been a problem with you and , heck, no one has ever had to worry about you being selfish.
I decided they could borrow Felicity for a little while, just until the resident’s settled in more comfortably. I promise that I’ll get her back to you as soon as possible..that is ,if you won’t mind. Honey. I only ask for a month, just enough time for her to get a new cat of her own…”

Now, back to us, Reader.

The following is a documented lie (found in The Kissinger Report) that Henry Kissinger suggested that officials tell in order to
tell citizens…….covering up population controls. Population controls that were obviously not in the “right” because if they were, there wouldn’t have been such deception.

Kissinger would “be” your parents.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and that same body of a lie is written into
The United Nations “Declaration of Rights for the Disabled” and written into
a document from The World Health Organization concerning disabled individuals.
These organizations would “be” your Aunt.


The cats are subjects  surrounded by mysterious circumstances and one may superimpose
the subject of our children and their mental disabilities on top.

We know how Fluffy ended, but we’re in the dark about where Felicity went.

My point? That you need to know the history of the words which have found their way into
laws that will affect our children as disabled adults, under seemingly charitable and “kind”

Though we are kept in the dark, the VERY least right you have…I strongly believe…is to figure out if blatant (if not sarcastic) deception is occurring, how it is and why.
It is information that no one will inform you of and information I have been literally stopped from posting.

I believe you should have the knowledge given to you to decide if it is important enough to YOU and your children.

After all….that’s what big sisters do.

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