They Must Be So Proud

(from some far off sci-fi kind of observatory  in the The Above…...)
I will bet “they” are most excited when they check in on the
popular actors, singers and writers amongst us.
As they  brush junk lunch crumbs off  their shirts to
jab rolled up lab reports victoriously into the air about the “Eurekah!”” moments of our development.
They probably bubble with excitement when we manage to write our own scripts. Without their help.
How hopeful they must still be, even if we failed to demonstrate enough skill to be human beings, that we can at least successfully create the scenes, mimic emotions and
sketch the pictures of what we could be and do.. if we were to one day finally become human beings.

Take “Shindler’s List” for example and how it inspired loads of us to
sob and angrily declare that “we would never forget”. That was a powerful movie for many.
It outlined a bad time in history and coaxed some amazing villains and heroes from out of its
drama packed guts. Nice stuff.

Good stuff, Maynard.

If one wasn’t careful, or simply too young to truly understand human nature, one could have been fooled into believing that we as a people would actually stand up for “justice” to save millions of targeted lives in danger.
One could have become easily convinced that a certain amount of courage actually resided within our skins; the way we were talking and dabbing our boo hoo rags into the corners of our eyes over it.
Obviously, society’s collective response to that movie was only a mere projection of what we could be, if we were to actually become human beings.

I get that now.

We don’t actually stand up against wrongdoing, we just pretend that we can.

We play act.
We shoot off our big mouths to blast one another when our loyalties are challenged, yet can be found looking the other ways in many incidents that require dire attentions.
We’re not a united people who stand up together; well, definitely not in the Moses sized waves of protest we participate in when a cause is handed over to us to raise hell over-Like robots being fed instructions.
Like this sugar sweet pile of projection of who we think we are…
Awww, Lookie…a Sweetie Pie Angel Down Syndrome Baby…
.. compared to the wearisome and predictable reality of what we end up doing..
What? For MY Baby?..oh no no no…
Sing it Sister, Me neither…

Or concerning the laws (done by exucutive order no less) that we feel we’ve “earned” and “created” and are “protected under, by God”…..
YAY!! Girl Power! They got our Back!!
..that end up having been nothing but whispers and whistles,

having nothing to do with the horrors that we actually could have been motivated to do something about.
Shhhh…not here, not now..

Didn’t They say “International”?…
Yes…They must be bursting with pride over how much closer we’re getting to resembling human beings by the words we create and the motions we make.

photo Davi les humaniseurs

Note: I don’t endorse nor necessarily even like all of the link sites that I use for reference sake. 

Some I only use  to point out the hypocrisy of indignant establishments who report on vital issues with passion and protest…but fail to turn a few pages to discover that Their System ..while it could do something…going as far as to promise on record to do something..chooses to do nothing.

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