“Sol”-Meaning “Sun”. “Pais”-Meaning “Country”

Does anyone know if this was her real name?
Sol Pais?
The name of the suspect in the news today.


Sol- meaning “sun”
Pais-meaning “country”

Just curious..considering Satanic ritualistic connections and this week’s Easter holiday.

book of death

Easter Morning Ritual for Lucifer


Considering the Satanic signs in our media…scattered boldly about..unchallenged.

Sol- meaning “sun”
Pais-meaning “country”

And if her name is a Sarcastic and Satanic falsification (in honor of the Sun God Lucifer) that she chose for whatever warped and wretched outcome…
Surely, this is something our authorities are keeping a diligent eye focused upon as well..

(as expedient and efficient as they were bringing this incredible story to a close)

…to help continue keeping us safe from nasty and unforeseen horrors which may lurk within this holiday week; which started with the fateful fire of Notre Dame.

One hopes so.
One can certainly pray so as well…maybe.

photo By Stephen Coburn

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