New Commandments

Neuanfang - Konzept
Since things are changing all around, I think there’s room for us to come up with some laws too , concerning our lives. It’s the least the Dear System can do.
Since we weren’t asked if we wanted or needed a seperate constitution for disabled people.

Click to access convoptprot-e.pdf

And since we were most certainly not consulted in the drawn out process of achieving near extinction status for one of our groups.
The Mad Hatter can scootch over a little bit at the table, that’s all I’m saying.


Maybe it can be a new set of Commandments. We could teach it to the young to install finer tuned ethics and longer rulers to be measured by. Heck, if we really want to do it right, it can be manufactered as a compartmentalized set featuring multiple themes.

For the science minded youth, we can simply present a restructured set of commandments as being neccessary because the old ones are outdated; like so many boldly outspoken folks proclaim about our current Constitution anyway.

For team “God”, we can craft an adventurous tale about the new commandments being rediscovered as tablets that Moses accidentally dropped while climbing the hill.
There you go. Nice new models of time tested and approved rules for both sides of the zoo.

For an age of hypocritical tyranny, usurped by a horde of some dark age fools that Elder gods warned us about so very long ago…( and courtesy of my unbridled sarcasm and deepening disdain) …if you please, a proposal for one new set of commandments.

–Thou shalt not Call nor consider any other person as being “mentally ill” on account of being swept under some giant ASD umbrella of averaged out traits erroneously and maliciously catalogued as markers of insanity.
–Thou shalt be made aware of that which any average student of social history can testify to, about how over half of what makes humanity bearable is due mostly to the brilliance, focus and dedication of currently libeled “ASD” types.
–Thou shalt know them as men and women who loved, created and invented ways to carry this world on their shoulders.
–Thou shalt marvel in wonder over their famed romances-bringing passion and joy to people who couldn’t help be drawn to them and the enticing uniqueness-whilst and thusly preventing many a boring, rude and” typical” loser entry into one “precious” gene pool or another.
–Thou shalt understand that they created sights and sounds so majestic and divine that they succeeded in convincing billions of souls that Love did indeed exist; a glorious manufacturing which allowed us to experience countless degrees of happiness. Which, in turn, helped us avoid the dread of living through what could have easily been an unbearable existence.
–Thou shalt ponder and respect the inventions. From inventing the human race away from being an outhouse animal into a civilized creature able to wipe his can clean in private. To inventing every character type in the best books and movies that popular and influential hot shots ever fashioned themselves to be.
We wouldn’t have chairs to sit on nor a single moment’s peace from the blistered hands and broken backs in a world of missing appliances, if not for the fruits of their extraordinary labors.
–Thou shalt hold ,above all other commandments, this following vision as most sacred. Of your head held high and jaw set tight in the face of all who seek to humiliate you. Those who punish you for declaring the sky as blue. When they’ve intimidated all others in “seeing ” a purple sky which does not exist. .you will stand firm.
–Thou shalt not lose your sense of worth nor surrender your dignity into the hands of those who have no more courage to face confrontation than the least of you.

(..ESPECIALLY when one can be blindfolded in a darkened room.. aim and release an arrow at a giant bag stuffed solid with the so called Intellectual Elite ….and still manage to tag a walking and breathing ASD stereotype.

Nearly each and every time.)
In conclusion, if you are deemed too mentally ill to run your own personal life then
Thou shalt be damned to allow other mortals afflicted with the exact same disrespect you by telling you what to do with Your life 

while refusing others to dictate to them on what to do with  their life.
(Unless, of course they can produce the bill of sale for your carcass or tell you where to locate the cattle prod brand on your flesh that would also indicate you as being a human being that they bought and paid for. )

In the meantime,
A Happy Amen to Us All

for the time being … and for this set of New Commandments.

photo By tech_studio

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