About This New ‘Privacy” Gig

Mouse inside a labyrinth wih dramatic lighting

I’m sure a lot of us are wondering what’s in store with the newly announced Facebook privacy remodeling.


I’m also sure a few innocent and optimistic spirits are breathing sighs  of relief thinking they’ve been given some sort of “favor”-especially when the words they hear sound so sincere with intention.

As far as the young folk in my life, I’ll keep reminding them of how very little their “wishes” mean on a plantation where the only value they hold is in how much data can be extracted, calculated and worked into the laboratory’s fierce determination to “rid human beings of the multipe ills they’re infested with.”

If one understands anything about the non-stop researching and evaluating of the human lab mouse , then you’re aware this is simply a shift in the gears of cold and robotic wheels clicking from cold and robotic overseers on the plantation. That’s all.
If you don’t, well..a small sampling of ongoing research that’s never discussed with us “lower folk” …or lab mice, whichever one prefers.







photo By fergregory

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