P.S…Thus the Red Box

Unordentlicher gemalter Rahmen rot

In my last post, I inserted a copy of an excerpt from The Kissinger Report or “NSM 200”.

(Don’t bother looking it up, for it’s now been nudged out of the way by a new and I guess what’s supposed to be a revised version…obviously courtesy of a time machine or some suchness)

I’m explaining the red box outline-someone brought it to my attention moments ago, mistakenly thinking it to be relevant to my post. It isn’t.

I had outlined that section months ago because I had found those same words from twenty some years ago-which were clearly stated as an example to give people to (as H Kissinger was noted to have said) “hide tracks” “to disguise as altruistic”– in the middle of two different current documents from the World Health Organization and United Nations (potatoe..potah-to)

regarding a separate constitution for the DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED of this world, touted as an explanation of Our rights and laws that the States are obligated to follow through with and participate in.


(No, I had no idea that we were sold or weren’t covered under the “other” Constitution for the “normal people” neither…sorry. If it ain’t one thing it’s another)

I had great concern finding words of deception intermixed-nearly word for word in what are supposed to be these seemingly caring rules concerning those of us who are ASD and especially our children.

Our children who are now…unknown to most of us….going to be living under rules and laws for their lives  that everyone but us decided upon. Our children, whom I obviously mistakenly believed were allowed to live as United States Citizens.

I was concerned.

However, my attempts at posting those simple concerns were wiped away and or taken down each time.

Why? I don’t even care anymore.

I was born into a home where I was reminded my “body belonged” to a pair of parents who were free to “inspect” me on many  occasions through the years  before their bedtimes and were free to drunkenly call me “retarded” and  with the occasional smack across the kisser for “looking” certain ways..

For you see, some of us old time “Spectrum” riders kind of got misunderstood and taken advantage of like that.

So….no, I’m not looking to revisit those memories of sheer hopelessness, humiliation and terror of having had no choice in my life….by pondering why an establishment would do such a thing as brush my words away when I haven’t broken any rules or laws to deserve to be treated in such a despicably rude way.

Luckily, (and yet also sadly enough) most human beings have not experienced such things as being a child hated to the point of not having ANY rights. Therefore, if I had gathered any views worth noting….my so-called concerns would have been dismissed anyway.

I love my children more than life itself.

Despite the “one-shoe-fits-all lack of empathy” the “experts” are incessantly announcing and raising “awareness” over, my children and all babies , actually, mean the world to me.

And I simply thought they did to others as well.

Something like a copied lie or deception being written into a place where their futures are destined to be under false kindness and concern…well..I thought it would be worth asking about.

Obviously I was wrong.

For now, thanks to the rewrite…I’ve been corrected into “knowing” it wasn’t a lie. Right?


Thus the red box..as  irrelevant as it may be (in no small measure due to it ‘vanishing’).

I figured I would at least  explain it for future reference.

That’s all.




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