These Stones Must Not Stand

Since we’re on the subject of the UN and “high alerts” being relentlessly sounded AGAIN ; groans of climate change now layering the decades long complaining of how there are way too many of us….I’m sorry we had the nerve to be born, your royal highnesses……….except of course the high and mighty of those who know themselves as THE ONLY ONES worthy of existing here…..

And since we’re so rabid and passionate about tearing statues and monuments like a sponsored group of medieval villagers…….

How about the Georgia Guidestones? Hm?

Isn’t it about time as well?

Or  is the spitting on our forefathers graves …the ones who created our now thrown away Constitution …not an insult we’re also allowed to address?

Or is our fear , (considering how all else on those tablets have plowed their way through), of being murdered just not as dire as the shouted about racial insults wrought by the other statues and monuments that now lie broken?

Or is it simply because we’re not allowed to ask or demand anything unless it is written down for us and supported by our “keepers” and given permission by our parents..on account of being such filthy pests and animals?

I’m curious, that’s all. I don’t want to make a fool of myself walking around here as if I was a grown woman who mattered or something silly like that.

If “massa” say “shut up gal!”…well, I suppose I got enough of my ancestors DNA to oblige without having him needing to  hurt me.

Heck, I’m adaptable.




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