Latest Video Project :Dauntless


Am I dauntless? Enough even for a world of behemoths and beasties? Of course..

Well, sorta….

I mean, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to shake a blue tongued skink off of my leg if nitty ever got to gritty in such a way.

Although not a great player, I’m proud to say I’m still enjoying video games after 35 years of devotion. This particular one tugs on my heart a bit harder because it reminds me of what I used to imagine it would be like to live in one of my many and well read comic books from when I was a young girl. (Thus, the washing out I did in editing..trying to bring the details out a bit more.)


“Dauntless” is a free game playable across multiple platforms

available to play here=

Dauntless™ is a trademark of Phoenix Labs.
Copyright © Phoenix Labs – All Rights Reserved.

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