Subpar Subtitles

Portrait of a disappointed young man holding TV remote control

There’s been some complaining about Netflix’s subtitles.

It’s an issue which, once upon a time, would have embarrassed any decent major international corporation.

However, these aren’t those days, are they?

Everyone is pretty much doing as they want and when they want.
The big guys, mind you, not us little folk.

They’re much too busy making sure the child characters are as rude as possible to their meek and mild parent characters in as many shows as possible.
They’re hunkering over too many propositions for the cheapest sex scenes, the bloodiest flesh and most outrageous vomit.. to bother with something as “mundane” as respecting the enjoyment and convenience of a “few” people who had the misfortune of not being able to hear.

I must say it’s kind of strange.. considering one hypothetical fact.

A ‘fact’ suggesting…

…that if one were to accidentally call his Asian influenced carpet an “Oriental rug”, Media big shot buddies and associates would probably start another hyper feminist-racist-genderist-sexist propagandist campaign hammering home the message of how..

This evil and intolerable hate filled language” MUST NOT STAND. In the name of every minority, woman or whatever-whomever disabled!”
Or whatever instigating drivel gets slammed into our faces and dripped through the IV every single day.

Instigating drivel”-a term I refuse to apologize for, despite my membership in each of those “protected” groups.
It gets upvoted into “infuriating drivel” when things like these following oversights (regarding the hearing impaired AGAIN) go uncorrected or not barked about as loud from the all mighty Media hounds.

Neither of the following examples is the infamous “Fake Mandela funeral signer”.

They’re worse. They were high priority announcements  associated with potential threats to life. Both-fake signers.

Fake sign language interpreter delivers nonsense at Police announcement.


Seems to me the disrespect is spread wider than anyone is bothering to talk about.

I watch a lot of documentaries and am often disappointed at what I’ve seen creep into the subtitling sections. It’s an insult to those whose enjoyment is being interrupted by blatant carelessness. Especially for young children puzzling out unnecessary garble from otherwise informative material.

Thank goodness there are still options for those who may want to contribute and help along the way.

There’s many good films/shows out there just waiting for a nice touch-up, if done at all.

Learning how to contribute sub titles and writing subtitling script

How to Create Custom SRT Files for Video Subtitles

It’s not a lot but it’s better than doing nothing.

Goodness knows there’s plenty of wrongs we’re going to have to help correct through the years.
With all this militant talk of “inclusion”, “respect” and “greater good” being flung around, it would sure be nice if our children could see it was important..for EVERY ONE.

And how much nicer it would be, if they saw it was done without anyone telling us to or harassing us into it.

By doing little things like contributing or editing subtitles, who knows, they might even get the idea that we, as human beings, aren’t as unempathetic  or as helplessly unfocused as they’re being forced to believe they are.

At cherry-on-the-top nice…if the all mighty Snides looked up from their snickering one day (over our gullibility) to see the majority of us concentrating on helping one another rather than tearing our hair out over, raising our blood pressure up over or talking in circles about the 24 hour junk poured through the screens …now THAT would be something REAL nice, if not a miracle.

Learning how to contribute sub titles and writing subtitling script

How to Create Custom SRT Files for Video Subtitles

photo By Drobot Dean


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