Not 1 of the 5


The quantum zen queen / 3D illustration of female android hardwired to computer core

We are living online now.
And we’re in our infancy stages.
With bad grandparents and really bad parents taking care of us.
Sleeping in concrete cribs and drinking sour formula.
With their grotesque cooing and grinning faces above.
Spooking us away from a decent night’s sleep.

We are loving online now.
And we have no business doing that.
When we do so badly on the earth that we walk on now.
Unable to protect or care for one another.
Despite blessings of having all five senses at our disposal.
What an exquisite delusion.
Believing ourselves capable in such ways.
In an atmosphere which allows success with the benefit of only one.
Which, by the way,
isn’t a single one of the five.

art By grandeduc

words By Ramsy


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