Dear Media, Not That You Care..Just So You Know.

Pig in the mud on a farm in Finland

For the pigs on this Animal Farm, Media.
There is no fouler thing than using these deaths..over the recent screams of broken hearted mothers and the fresh tears that fathers are drowning in at this very minute..
as incendiary socio-political propaganda..
..and to spread this constant slander against MEN ; many who fight and have fought for this country( when “masculinity” is considered a “patriotic duty”) who end up being sent back home used and broken ..back to having their very nature systematically spit on..



Kicked. Blatantly mocked and shamed.

By you.
Your sort of nerve, Media, is as raw as the yellow is putrid running thru your rotten and collective spine.
Not that you care..Just so you know.

photo By sokko_natalia

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