Our Daughters Need

Adult daughter kissing elderly mother//photo By Mangostar //

Our modern daughters need to be introduced to their great-grandmothers.

They need to see and hear the confidence they had and the things they accomplished.

Without their hands being held.

They need to know that the feet they stood on were well planted…without others’ legs deciding their path.

They need to know that many of these things were accomplished while being traditional females-as they saw fit, with as many children they wished (if at all) and/or holding the hand of whatever husband(s) chose to support them in their lives. In the midst of traditional societal expectations, without big noses lodged into private matters like their sex lives and without being commanded or harassed out of thinking for themselves.

And when people try to convince our daughters of some urgent need for the “saving of women” today, then they can better brush it away like the bald-faced manipulation that it is..and has been for at least fifty years.

Last but not least, our daughters need to learn that true empowerment stems from what a grown woman embraces for herself..not what she is told she should want, as if she was nothing but an endangered and helpless little girl.
Least of all by organizations that should respect that when a woman says “No!” to their intrusions, then that’s what The Woman means.
Lord knows they spout it enough- via the bullying and fire-starting “female empowerment” (male harassment) campaigns that they keep infecting our girls’ minds with.

A few documentaries proving that Western society women won the right, a long time ago, to be their own persons without masters re-enslaving them.

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