What We Need to Pass On

AdobeStock_295511635By fidelio

No matter how much is being erased from our past, we need to make sure other things make it to the future. This future, which will be one where putrid church/state alliances will no longer be allowed to destroy human beings.

We are obliged to relay critical information to the future’s youth about the hypocrisies The Masters operate under while hammering the rest of the world into submission; an unfortunately naïve world where the targets of such abuses, the very young and young minded, have no way of finding out these manipulations until life has actually been lived.

By that time it is too late. When the formerly young will be discarded as irrelevant and slandered as “old fashioned” or “jealous of ‘The New’ ”.
While their own children become the newest puppies groomed into blind and obedient guard dogs-willing and eager to tear out  the throats of their own parents, (and whomever dares defy or defend against church/state treachery) upon the snap of The Master’s greasy fingers.

We need to record current information about the octopus of corporations; with major tentacles like Vanguard inc.,  being allowed to intimidate and bully policies under the faux cause of “female empowerment and protection”
Vanguard seeks more boardroom diversity and wants details
While they profit heavily from the saturation of our children with poisoned garbage to “nurture” their spirits with.

From the twerking humps stacked within their commercial dispensaries
Sampled link here
to the mass depictions of hardcore, exploitative and pornographic scenes of girls throughout all of the networks that they own. One prime and stomach-turning example-the first twenty seven minutes of episode one, season one “Euphoria” from, one of many prized golden geese, “HBO”.

This is not  a matter of proposed censorship in a world where adults should be free to do (within reason) as they wish..but a matter of protest against hypocrites who continue to infect us through  oceans of damage and disgrace, yet brazen enough to play lord and master over man’s comparatively trivial “misbehaviors”

While our politicians refuse to protect us from the stabbing broad blade of a  sneering United Nations – determined to prevent females from breeding and destroying us according to their exclusive and snide fancy.

It won’t be for our benefit, (we, as cowardly adults, don’t deserve it besides ) but for the human beings of a genuine ‘better tomorrow’.

One that we’ve been woefully misled into believing we’re working for…abusing one another..and killing one another over.

But they won’t have any chances at all if we don’t make sure to safeguard the information in order to pass it on.

Data which will undoubtedly be erased to disguise the truth-That the mechanical hell they’ve been subjected to living was not only gotten by illegitimate usurpation  but with us standing by and choosing to allow hypocrisies of major consequences, in cowed silence..yet tearing one another to pieces, in our lunatic hysteria over trivial and manufactured points re “political correctness”.

photo By Fidelio

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