Save Your Breath Mr. Chris Coons

Index finger on black background

You got some nerve, Coons.
To berate us for booing a member of your royal family..

When all of you allowed an enemy to sneak sterilization hormones into our food supplies..while all of you pretend that you don’t know where our skyrocketing obesity, diabetes, feminized males and manic depressions are coming from.

You dare have the nerve to talk “tradition” when all of you sit back as our boys get punished like rapists for the rest of their lives, put on sex offender lists when both “double jeopardy” and “cruel and unusual punishments” from our constitution are violated. Never mind women in this country’s prisons being forced into “educational” strip searches in front of mocking male guards.

There’s a traditional law that stressed our freedom from unlawful treaties and guaranteed sovereignty.

Something that all of you have ignored as well; by allowing 75 years of the United Nations to create entire constitutions for women and disabled people and dictate ALL laws concerning population numbers and adjusting “death rates”…and so much more.

And though you’re probably sick of hearing it, you all damned well know that we’ve been neurologically damaged through seven decades of ethyl mercury in our vaccines.

You want to whine about “respect and dignity”, Mr. Coons? Then I suggest you get a bunch of your cohorts to pass that bill to “Restore America’s Sovereignty” ..that’s sitting on top of the hundreds of other “dead bills” all of you are too lazy, evil or plain too ignorant to find important enough to take seriously.

Your words mean NOTHING to us, as they are simply and cruelly a part of this nasty bi-partisan charade all of you play each and every day, as if all of us are as mentally disabled as I’m sure all of you counted on.

Our people are killing themselves, our children are being emotionally and biologically mauled, we are being murdered in increasing numbers by manic shooters and our own children-a very sick and sorrowful combination of the hormones and ethyl mercury I’m sure; because lord knows all of you don’t care about such possibility -aside from mocking our pain, telling us we are ignorant, demanding we shut up and that we HAVE to do as our proven ENEMY and the master you carry your fetid water for, the United Nations, tells you to do. 

Shame on your pathetic arrogance and your evil disregard as this country is torn to pieces under your watch.
Shame on you and each and every worthless, wicked, greedy lump who stands around giving one another tummy rubs on the floors…with the NERVE to show your faces.
As you do NOTHING.
(Oh, I’m sorry..a group of you did burst in a door like a pack of baboons re this idiot “impeachment” process. I suppose that was supposed to placate us “ignorant, little folk” into believing justice was being done. )

You won’t do anything re this rant, this I know. It will be horrendous business as usual, with us ignored, tomorrow as it has been for seven decades.
But a whole lot of us are beyond sick and disgusted with ten years of open public chastising, insulting and listening to all of you speak words to us, when the pain we’re forced to endure could be just a mite easier to swallow without listening to your constant talking AT us like children or imbeciles , whether we like it or, I took this opportunity to talk as well, whether you like it or not.
(Unless, of course, you want to dig in your back pocket and grab another nerve to explain how you occupy a more human or holy position against my/our “lowly” position as animals and serfs.)

It’s not just the misbehaving presidents over the past few decades whom you need to make excuses for or to “protect” …it is the hundreds of YOU that are the ones who are the focus of our disgust and anger. Because you were part of an alleged multi-level check system that was supposed to protect us from enemy invasion, murder and assault…and you failed horrendously without batting an eye and showing no shame what so ever.
All of you are allowing the most massive and longest running abuses in this country’s history to rain on our heads via the United Nations mandates.

You may consider this a favor. So you may be able to spare the indignant breath in your lungs over “tradition” because each time one of you mention the words “patriotic”, “constitution” or “dignity” …to the sane and halfway intelligent sound like an absolute and sarcastic idiot against the stark and hideous background of abuses and the condition of our people..which should have been the LAST condition a country as America (or any “free” country) should have ended up in.

No matter what delusional “good” or profit all of you feel is worth this hell.
And ALL OF YOU know this.

photo By silver-john

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