Shoestring Mercies for Young Holiday Tables

Blond woman and her little daughter hugging indoors

As a young single mom (no family) I was often stressed over what I could manage to provide if a co-worker or friend would stop by on one of those spur of the moment holiday visits.

With about twenty five bucks left over after the paycheck, bills and gifts, I sorely wanted to at least present a less than poor atmosphere in circumstances not necessarily always in my control.
MOST certainly other than the embarrassment of a six pack of Milwaukee Ice, a bag of cheese puffs and the saddest looking bowl of mustard, salsa and “what-in-heavens-name-IS-that?” dip that a well-intended Mama could ever nervously place upon the coffee table.

Fortunately, with an open imagination, faith and the internet..

(where 100 percent of the good stuff and the “can-do” stuff comes from US the alleged “little folks” who populate it. Remember that.)

..there are plenty of “shoestring” miracles waiting.
Some that will allow heads to remain held high, with company pleasantly surprised.

Two articles..out of many more to find-

55 Budget-Friendly Dessert Recipes

Three videos..from normal folks like Us, out of many more to find.

It WILL eventually turn around..this I do promise.

By then, after enough study of tips, tricks and shortcuts throughout this will have that dazzling layout, easily and often.

photo By Dasha Petrenko

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