This Thing for Numbers


Artistic Halloween atmosphere on midnight time scary theme with blood moon and hot hell  background.

This Thing for Numbers” (like “2020”)
As you stand watch through the night
To keep your eyes clear and your hands steady
Both essential in the readying for certain changes
That come with merciful revelations of certain sights
Just like babies unable to hide the primitive evidence of their joy and
Dribbling enthusiasms of being near Mama’s heartbeat
They too have this thing for numbers.
These lost children of darkness and high foolish pretenders

With children gathered into the protection of your arms
And tender kisses placed upon the eyes of your
Lovers for the best of luck Or
With a satisfied grin over the best hand you ever played
In the best game of cards ever spent playing
With the best friends you’ve ever had the good fortune to love

From digits used to measure spices they’re unable to
taste with the inverted buds of their tongues
To characters encouraged to marry into families of stone
For the keeping and tracking of Time which doesn’t exist
This funny little thing for funny little strings of numbers
From formulas to songs From recipes to equations
From ancient symbols plucked and pried
raped and reaped on fields of glorified violations
To modern counterfeits extruded from the
Clicking and whirring guts of iron wombs
Whether mixed into concoctions to fuel the engines of their madness
Or whether hissed and whispered steadily on and over again until more of us die

Remember First and Finally
Throughout the deepening and under the darkening All
What will no longer sink back into the pitch.
This thing that They have
For numbers.

Chinese calculator with colorful beads on fire orange smoke dark background . Concept photo of business, child ,education , teaching ,learning,

written by Ramsy

top photo by ekapolsira

bottom photo by zef art

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