Violent Secondary Damage from UN Crimes


This is only ONE reason why the United Nations needs to be ripped out of our lives.
Spit upon and not listened to anymore..instead of revered and tolerated.
This is just ONE case where a man mutilated and terrorized his wife for not conceiving a child

It’s something that the United Nations, with the dedicated aid of their water carriers Bill and Melinda Gates, has forced to be the case for countless poor women, without their permissions and to their horrors; a macabre form of secondary fallout that they can wheedle their way out of, after getting away with globally forced sterilizations in the first place.

As if being treated like an animal only fit for breeding new workers into the world for these animals, instead of one’s own happiness and meager personal legacy, isn’t bad enough…it makes the stomach turn and the blood run cold imagining how many women have been killed, tortured and mutilated for life on the very same issue-infertility that the UN has forced the entire world to participate in and be ruined by.

It won’t bother the psyche of those at the UN, of course. Those who know what they’re doing are the most affected victims of this generational excision of empathy raped from our neurological pathways over the course of eighty years.

They’re mechanically inclined and unable (as many of us struggle with) to care for others pain. Pure and simple-they’ve been conditioned to kill and that’s what they will continue doing until master says stop. Or pause.
This would only bother those with hearts that can still feel tremendous anguish over seeing human beings allowed to be treated in this manner. And this does not include the hazy and fanatical ones who are now holding the lives and comforts of chickens and dogs shamelessly above human children’s needs and lives.
No. This would only bother those remaining who still have their senses intact as humane and sane beings.

I mean the type of people who will eventually see that a centralized group like the UN never again has the opportunity to mock the notion of “stopping violence” by sitting on its hump, smiling its fake smiles of “concern” and doing absolute zero for nearly a century; even though the sick joke of them being in charge as the “superior authority and bringers of justice’ over the entire Globe of Earth is still in play.
For the sickest ones, they’re convinced that they are gods on this earth and divinely appointed to become gods in the heavens by raining chaos and violence down on the “filthy” human.
Or in more concise terminology..they’re bat shit crazy.

They’ve left us no room to defend nor fight, so bringing this to light isn’t for any calls for actions -that opportunity has come and gone.
Even if all crimes were to be stopped TODAY, the residual damages would storm and flow onward for hundreds of years for us to suffer through and dedicate the majority of our lives to healing and repairing ourselves.

It’s the elimination and destruction of respect for these UN and associates vipers that needs doing.

It’s an easing of the opening of our children’s eyes and a taking of their hand to sternly and soberly remind them of things not to do to human beings and what kind of people to not become.

Because the examples are all around them, as it is in this video, and they need to be taught to retain these memories in order to teach it to their children also. And so forth and so on, generation after generation, records such as these must be kept and shown regarding the trouble and misery that all-consuming power can and always leads to.

They need to be taught each and every name of each and every company, individual and figurehead who can be seen on video, digital history and film who assisted with the UN’s many crimes against humanity. With particular attentions paid to the infinite domino effects that stem from them.
So that they can snuff out the beginning sparks of any such controlling companies in their future-for their habits and practices never change and their arrogant confidence makes for such sloppy and transparent evidence that it will be easy for them to be spotted.

But we have to begin and continue to find and present the evidences now.

Over the top of brain wasting cat videos and stupid idiots doing stupid things videos.

If not to thousands of followers, then to one’s only child to learn at home. To one neighbor. To one friend and so on.

One drop at a time, until we’re blessed with the shower that washes this tyrannical filth from the face of our earth and out of our lives.

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