Something You Should Hear

It’s the part of the ‘song” where the tears get caught hot in the throat.
Because the fragile faith that allowed you to continue believing in the generic defense, from those we’ve been assured by and lied to, against certain conspiracy theories as “being too ridiculous to imagine, never mind believe”..goes flying straight out of the window. Forever.

Because the “security” of knowing “modern science” could not possibly be as cruel and insane as to play with our lives so carelessly..vanishes into the air.

If it was even ever a certainty anyway.

There’s no more hiding behind nervous laughter and rolled eyes over “impossibilities”.
Because it’s confirmed by a colleague, if not mentor, to a good number of the animals who took it upon themselves to play with the human race like their personal laboratory.

And one is forced to face that this modern world of serial killings, stripped empathy, out of hand criminality by authority figures flaunted in our faces, our “unexplained” insanity and depressions and the ignoring of human beings anguish worldwide could have legitimately been brought about by egoist scientists financed by hateful untouchables..and wasn’t simply a wild matter of imagination for a very bad and inconceiveable illustrated science fiction novel.

If the link fails to pick up from the proper point, start listening at 4:13.

The entire section is worth a complete listening, but this one specifically let’s us know the reality of what was being discussed and resulted in repercussions which we still suffer from and are being punished for. By a system that dares to continue taking advantage, while blaming us for what was done to us.
Just like those “raping and abusing men” that they warn us about in their idiot harassment lectures re: how to protect oneself as a woman and how to live life without letting our bodies and lives get “taken advantage of”-something they are obviously well versed in because it’s what they have done to us on a continual basis over several decades; rape our systems, violate our biology and punish us for crying out.
It takes one to know one, as the saying goes.

P.S. Don’t forget to make a copy of this information before they scrub it like every other link and article that betrays their dirty “little secret”

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