Same Ole Devils. Same Lame Play. Hundreds of Years later.

It’s a game they’ve been playing for a long, long time.
The introduction and finessing of accelerated and degrading sin into human beings’ lives.
With popular music and good-looking model types that the average Jane and Joe could/will never be nor ever become, it is a tantalizing picture to the teenager of 1934 as it is the same tantalizing picture to a teen of 2024.

It’s been all too obvious how attractive and influential these productions have been to each and every generation of “victimized” young citizens.
One would have to study media in a hindsight sort of way to notice it. Otherwise, we’re immersed in it, living our lives by the messages from it and growing old mistakenly mourning the mistakes we thought ourselves responsible for from it working its hideous trickery upon us.

It’s a very slow and very long con unnoticed by most of us -except to those who dedicate themselves to passing the wicked baton through the generations, from old psychotic puppet masters to young psychotic protégés.

There’s barely a lonely teen, in any generation, that’s been able to resist the “promises” of more popular and more fun lives, since modern media first set its ugly little foot across our thresholds.

With our present filth hounds excluded (masks being off now), the average student’s eye can see the direct influence upon each generation directly with what was being presented on the screen. The biker rebels from the 50’s were manufactured onscreen- just like the hippie burnouts of the 60’s were. Both, exploiting the ravages and residual ruin from war torn societies and youth who all but lost the full attentions of their poor parents.

Of course, as any “slickster” depends on, with the average human being disregarded as “dim and vulnerable”, the work would have to be done under obvious messages in the form of “morality plays and warnings” to bypass the objections and outrage from folks who truly worked at maintaining civility in their society.

Occasionally, embarrassing enough, one can also see examples of their idiotic “spells” cast out in the open. Stupid and childish ones, like many idiotic props which exist to this day, by the hundreds.

As impressed as one might be as to the longevity of this tired play, it isn’t restricted to a mere century of films and print.
And, just like today, it all stems from the same rotten seed as it ever did. Hundreds of years ago.
The following is an excerpt from 1867’s Rev. J.A. Wylie’s “The Papacy; its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects”.
It explains how the Judeo-Christian conjoined “church” succeeded in infecting human minds with accelerated sin and suggestion via the religious confessional.

(The confessional which should also be seen as a sort of ancient “Facebook” meant for the gathering of information about as many human beings lives as possible. In part, for the façade of “all-knowing” superiority and the control of as many human beings lives as possible.)

The testimony is on page 329, but I’ve included page 328 for the necessary lead-in. For those of us who weren’t piteously raped of our potential in the garbage heap public educational system ;also set up and forced upon us by the same devils who eased in the media machinery.
In lay man terms, it’s the same manipulative tactics that have plagued us to this day. Overt enough to entrap man’s attentions but disguised enough to render the true criminals from liability-or so they think; conditioning a vulnerable society of human beings into increased depravity and crime which ends up ruining us the constant whispering and massaging in tons of evil suggestions and poison by those who smile and pretend “holier” intentions.


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