Not Giving a Spit. Insisting on a Cup Instead.

I’m making a suggestion to those of us facing the mandatory collection of our spittle through our medical clinics and doctors offices.

Resulting from the “consent” forms the CDC had thousands of patients sign and “agree” to across this world re: “drug responsibility” and such.
NOT due to anything our good men and women (the doctors) would have wanted for us, but are in a difficult “no win” position over; obligated to a single World Health Organization…and the ability to feed their families by not losing the licenses they dedicated their lives to securing and maintaining.

It’s a procedure that the CDC has implemented under the umbrella of “drug prevention” and now being tied into the “mental health” information they are collecting and forcing our healthcare professionals to participate in.
This collecting and seizing of our biological property.

I was fuming at myself over how “stupid” I was to not think of the suggestion, that I’m about to give, earlier.

When I sat like a grand prize idiot in the office with a sponge tipped stick stuck in my mouth, not to be removed until a blue indicator popped up.

Five damned minutes later.

I should have thought faster than that, considering how much I hate and distrust the United Nations and their CDC/WHO minions.

Especially with this “drug testing swab” being done in tandem alongside a “mysterious” viral outbreak going on..worldwide.


I should have asked for a specimen cup to deposit my spit into and then I should have told them to extract their information in that way.

They want a spit sample?

Well, there it would be. With no reason on earth for a sponge tipped anything to be resting in anyone’s mouth.

It would be a prayer worth saying. Daily.
That at least one other person, amongst many, gets the same idea in the upcoming days..(as they face having to abide by CDC’s commands or risk losing the pain meds they rely on to keep them from living life as a cripple, in constant pain)…and are presented a stick to place in the mouth, to “collect a specimen” by lab techs visiting our doctors’ office and contracted out by the D.E.A

May he or she refuse to take the material of that sponge tip for granted. 

They can find out all kinds of information about what extra drugs we’re “not supposed to have” in our system or whether we’re candidates for any bogus “mental health concerns” in other ways than forcing objects into our mouths.

Insist on a cup..

Make sure to be patient enough to let them know that they should be able to dip in the stick for themselves and still get results..just in case they don’t understand at first..

And be sure to  record and date all objections used

(along with the name of the assistant (and name of the lab they come from) collecting your specimen)

that result in a “no, you can’t do that”

recording it as evidence that you were left with no choice in the matter, no matter what signature was collected upon whatever  wordy tripe “consent” form you were forced to sign.



When it’s bad enough with the other s-it they’ve forced against our will.

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