One Reason-Induced Labor Damages

There are exactly two dozen reasons I don’t trust the United Nation/WHO/CDC healthcare hydra.

I will simply lay out One.

It is a simple and brief example of something they proposed and created.;sequence=1

Something that brought disaster and made our lives worse. Hurt our babies. Devastated us.

Like every single other important law that had anything to do with our health and welfare- that they can be tracked over the decades as pushing and have been recorded as having forced upon us.

In a country where we were once owners of an optimum and promising  health score a mere fifty years ago..

..which they were allowed to tear down and drag through to the bottom of the barrel .

There is no other set of entities which were allowed anywhere near the mass and global running of our lives-therefore, ( if we  lived in such a world) it would mean that they are the only ones who could and should answer as to why such a horrible job was done.

When their only job (promise.lie) was to keep the people healthy and safe.

Having an 80 year old report card as crummy as they have, they should have been made to relinquish control and failed out of our system long ago.

When we could have had a fighting chance to avoid the nightmares they dropped us into.

In everything.

Not just the calamity of induced labors.

The following is a variety of articles for a variety of different comprehension and reading levels-

All which say the same things, concerning the damages from the introduction and increase of induced labor practices.

Inducing Labor May Increase Autism Risk




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