The Insulting of our Reporters

The “experts”, whom we are instructed to trust..
The “experts”, the brilliant minds which we’re told “know best”..
Are the same “experts”, or in association with and mentored by, who had the following to say about the “cheerful prospect” of what a worldwide virus could accomplish in the much desired and “needed” reduction of the human population.
In 1969.
From 1969 and Paul Ehrlich and his wife’s publication of “The Population Bomb”

It’s something for a young journalist or similar professional to remember.

So that they can stand less intimidated and demand that repulsive and snide geriatric states people (who tell them to shut up or hurl whatever else rude insults their way) mind their rude tongues and the tone with which they dare respond to them with.

Especially during a time when our population is undergoing the assault that it is, with another upheaval waiting that will finally strip us of our weapons- leaving us largely unable to physically protect ourselves.

These journalists are Grown Adults, not children, who are doing their job and asking legitimate questions. There is no cause for professional journalists to allow themselves to be publicly dressed down by childish and gut souring insults coming from individuals so freakishly old (in terms of ‘conquering warriors’-the very oldest and most feeble in the history of wars) that they certainly know better.

If two generations can be saturated and taught ad nauseum about this older generation of media patting themselves on the back for “being courageous heroes” by the “exposing” of Watergate..

The very least they can do is keep their insults to their wretched selves as this generation attempts something much more significant and much more important to billions of human beings; protecting our lives from their attacks and falsehoods.

Although they may currently be at the mercy of the associated geriatric masters of the universe which ruthlessly and unethically control in what direction their reporting goes..
They will be the ones left to fix and restart what’s been ruined and mangled in our media.

Those who stand up for themselves now, will be the only ones strong and able enough to do so; to rebuild a severely broken trust, redefine and maintain long missing and sorely needed ethical standards, etc.

At the very least, considering that it is plain as day as to how long a viral scenario has been long thought of and imagined…by the exact same “people” and institutions who demand that we trust them and obey them now..
These reporters deserve to be treated with a lot more respect than they have been for a long time.
And not as if they are morons who can not read or do simple calculations or idiots who are supposed to remain silent as we drop dead, on some twisted psychological

we saved it from being worse..considering how little we knew and what little time we had” garbage.




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