New Skill for a Child


Teach your youngest children how to take photographs.

The younger the age, the better.

If you understand what’s happened to us and want your children to be as self sufficient as possible, encouraging the path into the photo taking direction would be wise.
The propaganda will never end…
…as long as we continue to let people without souls define the world which we live in and the conclusions that we draw of ourselves.
As long as we cower in the sour smirks of those convinced of only the ugliness in this life;
Though they are , by far,  the hands-down majority carriers, providers and creators of this ugliness…


As long as we continue to let human beings -who loathe affection so much that their own adult children are deeply and forever scarred by the lack of it-
bully us into “learning how to be more caring and kind”..
We will not be free.

Teach your child to use her eyes to “see” the soul in everything.
In the thick belly of a cloud of fog or in the blur of a small bird’s wings.
Teach him to look in the direction of things which lift his spirit, not things that jolt and jar it.
Teach him that all he sees in nature belongs to him and that he belongs to no one.
Teach them that they can think what they like and in any way that they like.
And that the camera is simply a wonderful tool that will help them expand the playground in which they’ll be doing all of that thinking.
The sooner they master the focusing of their own sight, the sooner they get used to the natural idea of owning their own sight.
Once they are unshaken in the confidence that they own their own sight, then they can start eliminating and dismissing the gold plated dregs of society who enjoy shoving jive and two bit visions down vulnerable people’s throats.
And what a beautiful relief that will be.
Once and for All.


If interested, this is the Adobestock link to my latest batch of photos.

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