Historical Words of a Fool or Criminal

Pritzker said Monday, “[History] will also remember those who so blindly devoted to ideology and the pursuit of personal celebrity that they made an enemy of science and of reason.”

Unfortunately, for this governor, his statement will also be noted in history.
As being one of the most ignorant attempts at dramatic intimidation ever announced.
Or as another taunting voice from a rude and criminal elitist insider.

His dramatic expression makes no logical sense what-so-ever, when..
..the world of science has treated, spoken about and enforced an international population reduction program upon us as if we were billions of parasites that need to be prevented from breeding additional parasites.
..the world of science yawns or shrugs shoulders over the most devastating diseases to affect us with the repeated “We’ll see what we can do..if we’re able” attitude over the course of eighty years, under the beastly hydra (its arms=hundreds of ‘alphabet’ groups) known as the United Nations.

(An easy example being the “unexplained” increased suicide rate of tens of thousands of human beings
and how they “deal with it”.
As has been for several decades, it’s addressed with the skimpy nonchalance that is/was apparent in the AIDS, crack and meth epidemics..inner city violence where countless babies were murdered, the surge in our children killing themselves, early onset of Parkinson’s, the steep increase of manic women, mass shootings, etc.

No actions nor solutions, concerning any of these nightmares, have ever been expressed by the science community with a fraction of the insult driven bullying and fire breathing indignation they’ve exhibited for the “perilous” potential of measles due to our “irresponsible failures to get vaccinated”.)
As if the far more numerous murders, suicides and early onset diseases were no more important to deal with, or call serious attentions to, than mismanaged baseball card collections.

It makes no logical sense what-so-ever..
..when the world of science is dominated (as in business, media and all political centers) by individuals who exhibit no respect for other human beings or the sanctity of their birth rights to run their own bodies, minds and sexual lives.

..when the world of science has mocked, abused and trivialized the notion that we are divine beings instead of automatic machines and test subjects obligated to their and their masters’ whims.

..when they make no beans about “secretly” studying and collecting data on us at every chance they take, ruining lives and hiding evidence with the blatant announcement of us not being “worthy” to read about these atrocities by deeming countless university documents “top secret” until all people involved are dead and gone.

Even though they (CDC, UN and all associates) harp on their “need” to forcefully “lead the ways” in order to “teach” us how to “correct malignant behaviors”, their associates blatantly provide false sign language interpreters for the deaf in critical times, their media masters are proudly unashamed of being dragged into court for a decent and necessary service for the deaf, while they have snubbed the law and have refused to be investigated under the same laws which bury and ruin the rest of us.
Even though they dare use the words “tolerance” and “kindness’, in a twisted world where neither they nor their masters demonstrate either virtue; except for purposes of swindling the poorly educated majority into believing that they are on their side, by educating the world about their “rights” to fit within narrowly defined and substandard categories.

As we visibly balloon up in weight to hobble and suffer increased heart attacks, diabetes and other complications..
(on top of institutions boasting about how most of us will be morbidly obese in the near future..

..as they also have been boasting of the plummeting birth and IQ rates in recent years)

As our sons walk around with breasts on their bodies and our girls suffer from hallucinations and severe mood disorders made, not better, but worse by black box medicines….with the UN/CDC/Science world completely ignoring our desperate demands for a stop to their injections, illegal and unethical experimentations, forced hormones to sterilize us , mass prevention of our natural biological functioning/thinking and radiation allowed to saturate our lives and homes…

As we suffer another wave of “unexplained” illness and watch yet another family get torn apart in this wicked deconstruction, per the lunatic zeal of achieving a world population at merely 1 percent of its current numbers..
As we suffer the humiliation and irreversible damages done to us by a known criminal CDC institution but are still threatened and punished for resisting their commands..

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

For him, or anyone, to deliver this faux indignation (for a “little people” too “stupid to know better”, I’m sure) it can only be seen as either sentiment resulting from the substandard education that our masters ensure that our “top” leaders are conditioned with…
..or (better considered, given his family heritage) as just another lie on top of countless others to continue this adjusting of an entire world to suit their “righteous” wills-while usurping supreme power to dictate values and punishments without challenge.
Lies told over the brutal course of nearly a century of the most severe betrayal this entire world of peoples has had to suffer together.
The plain truth of the matter is that it’s ridiculously impossible to call to imagination the turning of an institution into an “enemy”, when it’s clear as daylight that they have held the title of being the worst enemy that Mankind has ever had to resist, survive and perish under.
(That is, aside from The Church, which they are currently merged with and have been doing the bidding of, in a wicked marriage lasting over the course of centuries)

When we do arrive at that point in history, with our minds freed from alchemical horrors and our intellectual abilities restored, humankind will have no choice but to read those words as nothing but the words of a long gone fool or criminal participant.
It will also be considered as historical evidence; not only highlighting unforgiveable arrogance in taking an entire world for fools and victims, but will also serve to help prove that something drastic had been done to our neurological abilities.
For no clear thinking or sane human being (never mind entire societies) could nor should fall prey to so simple of a devious mistruth, when the ugly truth been boasted about and explicitly recorded in so many ways for so long.

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