You make me feel like Dancing at the Auction House

A double tribute to Leo Sayer’s “You make me feel like Dancing”
with clips from World of Warcraft’s Auction House Dance day.


Warning: This video contains evidence of yet another old chick
that’s been allowed to attempt making what the good gods of media
most certainly never intended this dinosaur to attempt making in the first place
fan-based video game music videos.
While it may be cool that it can keep our moms busier and less interested in our business
when they choose to commit these deeds..
If this one just happens to be from your mom?
Then my deepest and warmest sympathies are yours to keep.

Another Warning: May cause drowsiness, pure and utter shock, and/or deep and long lasting pangs of discomfort and empathic pity for the amount of time her old fingers had to remain limber in order to accomplish this task. For Nothing.

Do know that these feelings will pass and have been known to be replaced by smiles and/or smirks of amusement

It just so happens that this old lady, as a pretty good sport,
would want you to know that she loves you anyway..and thanks you for your time.
More importantly, wishes the best for you and expects you to take best care of yourself.
I think.

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