Words to Start this Week On..for Both of Us

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Remember what they are.
Manipulators. Instigators and schemers. Liars, liars and…thieves.
The ones who keep the raw wounds of old bigotry and hurt ripped wide open, without allowing for a chance to heal.

Because they would go broke the minute we realized the equal amounts of horror and damage done to both of us-finally reaching out for one another’s hands; if not in immediate friendship, by god, then in a shared determination to survive.

The ones who are attacking us without mercy while thinking themselves so damned clever.

Remember who we are.
No matter how many exaggerations ring out from all of the networks and channels that they own.

And no matter how much gasoline these miserable creatures keep dumping on the fires they’ve been setting amongst us for ages.

Remember who we are, now numbering three generations walking on this earth together, at the very same time.

With us having arrived in not only the same two shades of black and white that they’ve enjoyed playing mind games with and killing, but also in gorgeous and varied shades of that “mutt type unity” they secretly abhor and shamelessly lie about “working for.”

With each generation told the same tired lies as children and each watching our daughters, sons, families and memories of our forefathers get ground down between their feral and hate filled teeth.
Those of us who have been labeled as “terrorists” on both sides by them and have been insulted as “mentally ill” overall ..when there exists no better look into the face of idiotic madness than when these hypocrites find themselves hunched over and grinning into mirrors.

As brash and as proud as they have always been…out in the open.

Remember who you are..and what they are.


Turn off the news (to buy your nerves precious relief from their terrorist, race- baiting fear mongering) and hold tightly onto whatever you can of your loved ones and your sanity.

Stay safe and if it takes us an entire week to summon the will, may we say a prayer for the families of those we’ve been poisoned and groomed to think of as our enemies.

For we’ve both suffered quite enough and have been used and insulted long enough as abused siblings in this “universal family”  of derelicts.

photo By bunditinay

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