The Most Shameful and Idiotic “Call to Action” ..EVER

I keep referring to a certain potential outcome concerning these current days.
The outcome I keep bringing up is a sort of  end game “shame”.

Where our enemies will be revealed, with nowhere to hide nor anything to blame except their own sick, twisted and childish confidence.

Oh, there’ll be a ton of conspiracy theorists to thank for their incessant attempts and, for the murdered ones, successful revelations.
But in the very end, when our current tormentors glare out upon the future landscape, and it’s void of memorials built in their honor (save for the childish Knick knackery quackery they themselves buried near the Georgia Guidestones) ..ALL they will have to blame are the footprints they left in the mud by their very own trotters.

A good portion of their humiliation will be offered by endless records and articles of their acted upon and internationally boasted hypocrisies.

One ‘small’ example being the case of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. His story is summarized at this link

It’s a sad story about a man who was ruined from the tip to the tail of his once promising life.
Because he was accused and punished for “instigating furies and provoking inexcusable violence” with a simple short film..proven to have had nothing to do with the eventual violence..
Yet, today (on this very day I write) we have the entire media family of network and news bobble headed pawns cranking out the details of one black man’s death at the hands of one white man’s hands.

Day after day, after day after..countless nights of coverage and reminders.
Even though violence spilled out and exploded in cities provoked by this maniacal and synchronized washing in, pounding in ,and now high style campaigning of, relentless instigations.
Along with the dedicated and predictable dry-eyed sniveling of all major corporations pumping out urgent bulletins of sympathies and concern over “what’s going to be done and what should be done”

It is disgusting in its boldness and the very worst mass insulting of a people’s intelligence this land has ever had to endure.

A casual study of how things really look behind this ridiculous “black lives matter” rubbish exposes a pathetically different story ..
When an entire industry of beauty products for black women is being allowed to remain shelved for uninterrupted sales..despite the proven high incidents of hormonal damage and cancer. Articles you can read about  here or here
Or the fact of black female prisoners being humiliatingly scorched to their souls, by being forced to expose their genitalia in front of cruel and laughing others. As if they had no rights at all on this earth.
The hypocrisies of not one peep being uttered and not one single urgent hand being raised by the big giants over these travesties…proves this current “urgency” reflects zero genuine concern for the black population and concerns something much more secretive and ill intended.

It’s something I went into deeper detail about, concerning the UN’s history of “campaigning” for those which  they simply and only end up throwing tighter handcuffs upon and taking away more human rights with… this article
These are just a FEW inconsistencies that will be made clear as crystal, to a future of human beings unaffected by the blindness and tricks of today.

There’s yet another example.
One so obvious, I’ve wondered over it for decades for myself.

The one where The System: the bleeding hearts, mealy mouthed celebrities and the average Joe and Jane don’t seem to grasp as well as they should.
The fact of my people, our black siblings, always being separated and referred to as people who need to be included…understood..and treated with kid gloves (which don’t really exist).
This permanent state of being labeled as “others” in a country where we earned the right..
just like any family from other lands, died and labored in this land for centuries (forced or by choice) alongside our lighter complexioned siblings. not be forever considered as broken, crippled and forever socially retarded like an eternal charity case.

Where we already earned the right to be considered included.
As if our pride means nothing. Our sacrifices meant nothing.
As if the United Nations has the right to treat us as pointed out and idiotic children without their greasy and vicious game playing hands ruining and guiding all that we do.
The worst shame being that our majority of anxious, greedy and ignorant puppet “leaders’ are simply going along with this flow..without using an iota of logic or sensible study.

Anyone with common sense, decency and mature viewpoints would see that there was no such need to continue this segregation in the news, the films and all else.
Unless there were hidden and extremely disgusting tricks behind this “oh so important!!” farce.

Their rotten hypocrisies.
Their jive talking and earnestly nodding heads …when reels upon reels of footage, mountains of articles and 300 hundred years of hindsight which will be laid out bare, for easy scrutinizing by wiser and freer peoples in the future…how I do wish I get to see that day come, when their once snide smirks are turned into pathetic grimaces of embarrassment.
For it most certainly will come.

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