Over Used into Meaning Nothing

Having been ditched yet again, by yet another stranger online who came on strong with the immediate and ever present “Honey”, “Baby” and “Love” terms of affection..articles such as this need to make their way around a bit more.


Being an old school creature who doesn’t live online yet have been forced to seek friends online, it’s been a regular habit from all of the potential prospects. At pathetic least, I’d thought the use of those terms meant they’d be interested in sticking around a minute or two.

At first, I had considered the endearments to mean something along the line of admiring or simply liking specific aspects of me as a person.

The fact that each “meet” spends these terms as commonly as Dixie cups of water sucked down at the local DMV..without calling (after the generous first paragraph), relating anything about themselves, disappearing on average within the first 36 hours and staying away basically forever more…means these precious tokens have been watered down to mean absolutely nothing.

If I was younger, I would say it was a cruel practice. In a world where finding companionship has been made to be as impossible as can be by the rudest forces known to modern society, it will be difficult enough to secure a fraction of comfort as was once found in our long gone world.

Since I am older, I will have to naturally accept that my time has gone and passed, and simply find a few things to do for the next forty years of my existence.

And I will pray that our younger generations have some way to salvage experiencing the genuine comfort of being appreciated for who they are as individuals, with terms of beautiful endearments that they can count on to mean something, instead of as mechanical systematically tossed out date- and -dump bait.



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