Fictional FAQs


Well, they’re not exactly fictional. I don’t have a stream of questions flooding in from the thimbleful of followers I have for this site.

The following is an assortment of real-life questions intermixed with the occasional e-mail snipes from strangers who get peeved by my existence, never mind what I have to say in my diary.
Apparently, the answers are also real.

I should like to use it as a quick reference for future encounters and welcome anyone else to use them if the need should arise.
Why aren’t you vaccinated?
I had to get vaccinated once as an adult, that I can recall. It was to work with the elderly and disabled in a state supported rehab home. Other than that, I’m what one could call a “second generation Vaxxie”.
According to academic rumor, I was born immunized. Allegedly, whatever vaccinations my young biological mother received, drifted into my system as well.
(That would be a hoarding and manic depressant biological mother who gave me up for adoption so I could be raised by a young alcoholic and violent manic depressant).
Having struggled through and conquered the difficulties of living life as a “learning disabled yet gifted” child, I made the decision to not worsen matters nor risk further damage by having hundreds of mercurial injections, severely affecting my already “iffy” brain chemistry, over the course of my adult life.
I have had the privilege of not getting these dangerous and debilitating injections because I once lived in a country known for its “freedom”. It was a ‘clause” in the set of laws we once had.
It was my choice that I, and all else, could make, without being bullied or tricked into it.
As far as risking the flu and the doom of certain “death”..
Any professional and fall down drunk, who’s carried the habit of blacking out over into a two-decade occupation, has already suffered flu like symptoms MANY times. (As a matter of hooey, the flu is exactly what our wasted and lying hides use as excuses when calling in to work or to break more important dates.)

I thank my Creator every week for that blessing of choice and I offer greater thanks for the ability to hold my tongue when some people confront me as angrily as they do.
For an already immunized individual to try tearing me apart for “endangering him and the entire world besides”-when, I repeat, he is already immune from whatever tragedy I’m “risking”-is a fool who deserves more harsh response than I’m willing and allowed to give.



If the majority of the world is happy with how they are, who are you to insult what’s obviously working for them?
We’re not happy.
That’s the thing.
Not with all of the mood meds we’re lining up to take to “cure” our depressions, compulsions, addictions and anger issues.

Which in turn (as the little black stamps suggest) create new batches of physiological troubles, increased anxiety, tics and a whole host of other discomforts.
Besides and unfortunately, as willing as I am to remain quiet and let folks “live and let live”, laws are being passed that I have to abide by..even though I don’t suffer the same problems nor need the same “benefits” as others.
I worked hard to teach children what decent and meager things I could as a mother..only to see them ripped to shreds by the media influences and the school system.
I have watched young girls end up in the “welfare- and- different -babies -by- different- fathers” dead- end . Even though they once  had the world in their sights as the most bright and promising thing. Despite my trying to to teach them about modesty, strength and self-value. Broken as I was, I wanted so much more for them.
I have seen one young man after another fail at achieving what was rightfully his to enjoy and reap benefit from for his adult life; ending up living with aging parents , alone and angry at a world that “wouldn’t give him a fair chance”-in his 40s.
I like to think of myself as a survivor. I can’t imagine my sitting around, doing my nails and grinning like a goon as if life was peachy keen, while people around me were being shot and attacked. And I damned sure have no interest in allowing the dangers closer to me and my life than they already are and have been.
It’s a matter of my selfish survival to speak out, as it is your selfish “right” to be annoyed by it.
How dare you insult communities and groups that support blacks, gays and women?
I am considered and catalogued as black.

I am not a straight gendered human being, never have been and have lived my life accordingly.

I gave birth to children. I’m a born and bred woman.
My right to speak out against harmful and diseased influences on me and my kind is my right as long as I have breath in my body.

Not only in effect when Massa gives me permission to express them, in words he stuffs down my puppet throat.
These so-called alphabetical arms (special interest groups) from the United Nations/Papacy hydra are about as helpful as the gingerbread house was “safe and nourishing” for dopey Hansel and wayward Gretel. Yet another old-time fairy tale that never caught attentions as a major Disney production.


Why in the world would you believe in the crazy idea of them changing our genders??


Because this “crazy” idea was received with enthusiasm and a plan which they expressed great eagerness over, That’s why.

And what a nifty and easy way to solve that whole “too many babies” problem, right?



So WHAT if straight girls are marrying gay guys? Are you jealous? Ignorant or both? And what gives you the right to label ANY man as “gay” anyway?
I came of age in the 80s.

The time where long and grossly exaggerated feminine locks were expected to be seen on “hot” male pop stars, along with full make-up.
These so-called “male sex” idols were prancing and grinding around in tight spandex leggings.
While I , along with the boys that truly captured my heart, were brutalized and humiliated into “nerd” cubby holes of abuse and open mockery.
To claim my generation is some sort of Neanderthal throwback from more bigoted “homophobic” days is absolute insanity.
Let alone a damned lie.
I dated and pursued so many homosexual/effeminate men that a few of them had laughs over it, if they weren’t completely astonished and/or annoyed by it.
Not to mention when no one would “come clean” about anything, landing me in no less than three long term relationships with men who preferred the company of and beds of other men.
I know what waits for these young women when they mature-if they are allowed to mature at all.
I know the deep-set depression of realizing that you can’t compete nor receive the sexual or emotional attentions that another male can give the one you have fallen in love with.
I recall the anger and shock of catching a partner fondling a visiting man friends’ leg under the table.
I remember the plummet of self-esteem each time I stumbled into these “blind spots”.

As if there was something severely wrong with my signals. Feeling as if I was at fault for being too dumb to survive or not worthy enough to attract a protective, strong or desire filled mate.
One has to remember that All I had was The System to turn to for advice and reassurance on how to live life as a woman. That’s it.
A lot of pain and disappointment awaits the heterosexual animal who matures into and/or is tricked into this sort of lifelong pattern of deception.

Even as “cute and sensible” as it may seem in the “BFF” world of giggling and high pitch voiced thirty-year-old grown “girl” women.
One can easily live with a “bestie” without arresting her natural development, or placing her own sexual satisfactions (without exposing herself to dozens of strangers, in dozens of mutually soul sucking pairings over the course of her entire lifetime) at dismally low priority.
Without children to bear together or assets to build together for their family, to pass on through the’s basically chaining oneself to another human being for no reason at all.
What gives me the right? Nothing gives me the right except the truth of what is emblazoned in our films and online. Everywhere.


At play also is the experience I have, along with millions of other women my age who’ve gone through the exact same situation.

Old women like me know. It doesn’t turn out well nor healthy at all. We were simply the first generation of young women bamboozled and molded directly into the direction of our shared destructions and torments.
You didn’t even attend college, what makes you actually think you’re smarter than people who actually matter in this world?
I’ve never claimed to be smarter than anyone (not after I outgrew the adolescent troll-ishness of my 20s).
I can see, and study at length ,obvious things gone wrong than most celebrities, teachers, small time politicians and influencers of mass opinion can not and/or snottily refuse to.

The ones who have gone belly up and are now vilifying us for attempting to protect ourselves and loved ones, proudly and noisily kissing the hides of liars, con men and women with titles and of high position..who secretly consider them as gold plated “useful idiots”.
The fact that we have threats that have come true over the course of fifty years, without a single one of these big monied and big mouthed poseurs understanding or taking seriously that the same forces which set these threats* into motion are the very same forces in play these days, is a crying shame.
When they can pop off the big guns and punishments for a man whistling at a sexy woman on the street, practically starting world wide campaigns to end the only life he’ll ever know..
As they sit there with duck lipped pouts, manicured fingers poised ever so intellectually against their chin in silence when looking at gruesome pictures, such as this poor woman (one of countless women  punished and killed for not bearing the children the United Nations has forcefully and sneakily sterilized them from having)…

That illustrates a whole lot of crying shame and should boggle each and every “leaders” mind over how they can remain silent and complacent over tragedies like these. With only lip service and awards being the results from eighty long years of United Nations rule; nothing improved but wealthy bottom lines and nearly everything else ruined within 99% of the earth’s peoples’ lives.

Those at the highest rungs of power- who aren’t “in on the joke”-are definitely not firing on all the cylinders that nature gave them, if we’re not comfortable calling them “stupid’, that’s for sure.




You keep complaining about the media. You use a computer; you’ve watched and enjoyed movies your whole life and you allegedly adore all types of music. What gives?

There are countless things that I was born into.
Without a single doubt, I am definitely a heavily molded creature of The System.
It doesn’t mean that I am obligated to accept the horrors associated with things I have had no control over. It also doesn’t mean that I’ve been frozen into one place for over fifty years without finding various joys and positive things.
We’re raising women to know that just because a marriage contract exists, it doesn’t mean she needs to accept being raped.
We have all sorts of little disclaimers and specifications that release folks from being obligated to wrongs tied in directly with their very existence.
The Media-considering the numbers of individuals involved over the years, the amount of money involved and carefully constructed propaganda saturated throughout it- has been the number one influencer and shaper of how our society runs and how we turn out as “individuals” within it.
It has been proven.
Media’s influence was looked forward to with great eagerness and utmost hope.. before most of us drew breath on this rock.
If you take this information from a source that can be unjustly argued as being speculative at most..

Or straight from the horse’s mouth, at the factual least, in their announcements and strategies to stop women from having children in this world.


The media, if taken as a single unit, is THE biggest and most guilty criminal to have manipulated, snowballed, bullshitted and entrapped us into being and doing as our big monied masters have wanted since the dawn of ancient Greek drama thousands of years ago.
It would have a lot to answer for, if it was indeed one person, to have influenced and wrecked the homes and lives of billions of human beings, as it has done and continues to. Especially in keeping silent on incidents/plots/events which have murdered us, poisoned us and played us for absolute drooling idiots.
Despite its arrogant habit of patting its own back over “social expose victories” like “Watergate” and other jive history media “accomplishments”.
Making it not only an active participant in our miseries but a rude and disgusting one at that.
I read aboutyou talking about forgiveness. I’m sorry, you don’t sound like a forgiving person. You sound mean, vindictive and at times, simply unforgiving. Simply, I don’t see how you can claim to be a proponent of “forgiveness” when you seem like a grade A b–h that wouldn’t know forgiveness if you laid eyes on it.

You know the sort of “forgiving spirit” I’ve seen in this country?
That plastic eyelash batting “innocence” each time a woman may press palms to her chest quoting the last Oprah show expert she heard..or right before a man goes thumbing through to another well worn page in the bible.
Hours before their faces are twisted into ugly knots and assortments of disapproval over something a person does or says.
Minutes before they’re tapping out insults to some stranger, in a thousand man dogpile online because the herd mooed out something about his “bigoted” opinions.
Or days before they finally drop the goody two shoes and slip on ego and face stomping boots of verbal and emotional abuse. Which they often do in the form of mumbled mutterings, tooth sucking of expressed sarcasms and raised voices that quickly turn into shouting over any and every thing any legitimate soul tries to get across.
If THAT is the “spirit of forgiveness” one looks for in me, sorry. I try to live and express in my life as honestly as I can.
Not as a blatant, broad capped smiling and wide-eyed hypocrite.
I deal in honesty because this world is soaked in lies and falsehoods, up to and past its dangerously clogged gills.
Sometimes, that honesty doesn’t come with an adoring look launched towards the heavens like a bad actor on some faded soap opera.
Nor does it come with a coy hesitation, as if waiting to feel out how the rest of society or the room feels, to determine what comes out of my own mouth.
I consider our situation to be much too dire to pretend whisper talking in false gentle tones like some sort of earthbound angel or mysterious Snapple cap philosopher to get genuine concerns across.
We are in much too serious trouble.

Fluttering eyelashes and grotesque fake smiles need not apply.

We’ve spent decades training to be overly sensitive, soft spoken and “kinder” people-to the point of becoming too timid to stand up for our children, our own selves and the rights which came at the expense of our great grandfathers’ blood. It’s not exactly the sort of shame one should smile about or coo over with ridiculous “Dr Phil-isms”.
What exactly is this “forgiveness” you keep bringing up?
Plain and simple? Being willing to hold one’s opinions to oneself when someone trusts one to finally admit truths that one would otherwise be upset over.
Like participating in someone’s death. Stealing from others. Cheating. Hurting. And so forth.
Being willing to keep oneself from getting on a high horse when another human being steps forward in the spirit and for the sake of saving a mass of lives (a truer “better good”) or stopping the spread of incredible disease and pain.
If one wanted to blow one’s own mind needs only to think of every single legitimate cause out there that has its wagon hitched to the most evil beastly institution to ever spawn on this planet.
Simply imagining how far and how fast they could finally and actually grow, if liberated from the money and control of core institutions whose main goals have been to DESTROY , KILL and ENSLAVE all but their own…is a brilliant enough incentive on its own. (Imagining how quickly the rotten core would deflate without the money, support and spines of these causes, can be a lovely mind blower as well).
Shocked as we can be (and should have been) the game is at a current stage where horrified disappointments and the time needed for “solutions to punish and investigate” wrongs are too far and long gone by.
As sure as the elimination of strong, disciplinary fathers (not the animals who beat their children senseless) has resulted in the steep increase of juvenile delinquents..we are all participants, on some level, to the total destruction and de evolution of this world’s society.
They’ve had a century to manufacture impressive structures, organizations and hypnotize and mold billions of people.

We only have five years until their goal of whittling the world population down to 1 billion.

Five years verses one hundred. I know it’s not fair but you know the end to that old saying about what we were and were not promised in this place.

If all it would take for those who “dwell in the shadows” to come forward,
(as a united force and unafraid to take back the reins of a world which was meant for us in the first place), is for us to cast “blind eyes” to their ‘crimes’ long enough for them to depend on our support, (instead of that Gong Show idiocy we demonstrate in our online bullying), then a “little” bit of forgiveness should be our number one priority.
It would be an opening (and for some, a tearing open) of our hearts to finally put some backbone into that tired and worn out philosophy of “forgiving”..which we have never truly been allowed to embrace but, like delusional and gullible children, have sang about doing and wanting forever.

We hustle true forgiveness into place..and we’ll have it.

Freedom to be our own people again.

With power and direction placed in millions of concerned, wise and caring hands invested in the  growth of our race and comfort of our planet.

Not locked in one single fist infected by an ancient and crippling hate for Life in general.
Otherwise, we will be left wondering what’s happening for yet another eighty years…
Getting sicker, more disabled, with our politicians getting uglier and more brazen in their “laws” and unchallenged punishments..
Becoming more alone, more mentally shaken, confused and fighting one another.
Losing trust in one another until there’s no one left to comfort us. Protect us. Without a single one of us left to love any of us.
Like they promised and boasted would happen.

That’s the sort of forgiveness I keep bringing up.

So that we , who are forever left with blood and dirt on our hands, forced to remain quiet on the pieces of silver that were tossed to us or with ever-present death sentences over our heads, can finally come help place this long tyranny’s influences on our lives to rest once and for all.
Without being terrified to death that their “brothers and sisters” will make things so much worse by rejecting them, humiliating them and stoning them at Massa’s command.



You’re not popular (not trying to be insulting). I’m surprised you don’t do more to get yourself published. Can I ask why?
I’m not saying anything that many well-respected men and women haven’t tirelessly worked on telling us, over hundreds of years.
The best and/or first ones have been murdered along the way in their efforts to warn us, expressing unconditional love for our race in the amount of dedication and amount of risk they have taken and are still taking.
I’m not in their league, first of all. There’s a simpler reason I don’t extend or “work” at increasing efforts.
If my words can reach ONE individual, that will help him or her, bring more understanding or peace into their life, keep them a bit more safe ..I am a very happy woman. That, to me, is a world saved or helped.
That one life to that one individual, is and always will be the only “world” that counts to him or her.

The only world where they suffer illnesses that keep them sick, encounter delights that make their life worth living and the only world where their decisions have a bearing on who they become or how far they can get.
It’s good enough for me to share my thoughts at the rate I am, because I can remember how it felt to not have a single soul on my side or care what happened to me..or how it felt, before I came to a fuller understanding as to what my Creator actually is.
Let alone being alone in a society where you have no one to supply the answers you desperately need for any variety of “normal” things, for a life you’re supposed to live “well”.
Finally, having not fully evolved into the complete moron our Massas have worked on us each becoming, to end up with a million followers or with any substantial level of exposure wouldn’t be that hot.

In a world where dozens of recognizable world class biology experts can “vanish” and die over the course of one year, without investigation or alarm from a commercialized, automatized and hypnotized wouldn’t be the wisest thing on earth for some eccentric and homebound hermit of a housewife to seek such mileage.

One who’s too fat to run away quickly..

And one who holds no particular loyalties to a world which has treated her with half hearted concern and far too little the billions of future human beings (whom I care about deeply and more than anyone can know)  destined for the exact same miseries- if we don’t tear our eyes away from the tats on our sagging skin and the hairballs embedded within our navels.


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