A Comparison

It would take a polished devil’s advocate to justify one man taking control of another man’s life without permission.
While it can be a very despicable thing to do, it turns out to be a necessary thing to do in extreme cases.

Let’s say if a man (henceforth referred to as ‘man B’) is about to go on a drunken rampage in his car, for dramatic instance. To potentially save lives, it would behoove the closest person around to try wresting or cajoling the keys out of B’s hands.

It would take a giant punk ass to suggest doing the same, if the so-called punk was the one who planned on, worked on and carried out schemes to purposefully make man B go on that drunken rampage.

If he had the dream of man B getting into that sort of trouble and eagerly set about the business of making it come true. All being done in order to take control of man B’s life.
By whatever laws or witnesses that would exist, he would have every “right” to be given control of man B’s life after all was done. With everything seeming to be Man B’s fault all along the way. No one none the wiser.
If he took every opportunity to keep man B in a bad mood by bringing up B’s divorce, his cheating wife, the unpaid bills, horrible news and such each time that they hung out together; keeping man B in a constant state of anger, complaint and anxiety. For starters.
Then, he starts pouring extra tall glasses of liquor when they meet and mixing man B’s drinks stronger each time they share drinks. It would be done over the course of weeks because man B wasn’t much of a drinker to begin with.

Let’s say he goes on for months, egging on man B’s aggravations, agreeing with him on every complaint (making it seem as if he’s the only one who understands him and such) and fashioning him into a grade “A” party hound and boozer-unsteady on his feet and barely better in his head.
They become best of pals to such a degree that man B starts trusting him and asking favors.
Man B even asks his “friend” to hold his car keys for one night.
(The night already planned as “THE night” in our deceiver’s mind for a long time. )
Bringing this example to a quick and predictable close, the keys are snuck back into man B’s pocket.

After being assured that
“…they are hidden away really good and far out of reach. Don’t worry, partner..I got your back.”

When found in scripture, one will read about the difference between punishments for the sinners and those who lead those sinners directly into that sinning.

Luke 17:1-3 ESV
And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him,

It’s about how the one who tricks another into committing sin is FAR more sinful and more criminal than the sinner. Let alone, when he also ends up acting as the judge, punisher and executioner of the sinner.

I took a stab at illustrating it in one more way.

It would be like a million people in a society being treated like prisoners by one hundred people.
People no longer the owners of basic human rights, because of a massive increase in school shootings, rapes, serial killings, domestic murders, severe emotional, sexual and physical abuse towards children and riots breaking out.
To any onlooker, casual or otherwise, something drastic would have to be done or else all hell would break loose.
So, of course, no one questions the one hundred who step up declaring their intentions to quell this god-awful noise of lawlessness and all around “wrongness” with everyone and everything, everywhere (except them, naturally)
If the one hundred people were the ones who introduced and saturated the million with regular injections of metals, lifelong overdoses of hormones and unchecked radiation poisoning, dulling their intellect and rousing violent and erratic tendencies..
If the hundred belittled and punished the men in this million, to suppress and deny their natural sex drives, yet continue to cover the world- from films to photos, continually and highly sexually provocative imagery, while demanding males to “not touch”, “don’t look”..”don’t speak”..on top of demeaning them and insulting them…
If the hundred did nothing to stop or decrease the violence, murder and sadist reenactments in media..(as a matter of fact, increasing it far over and beyond what should have been tolerated) from being streamlined into the psyches of children..in their daily lives of their developing years ..from every corner of media….

If the hundred executed a “chemical lobotomy” on the million for the purpose of dropping the average IQ like a brick over the course of a very short time..
In order for the million to not understand simple lapses in logic – openly discriminating against men in favor of women, openly discriminating against white in favor of black and being the exact same people who are providing hell to be paid against other people that they accuse of discrimination-even in the tiniest of jokes or mention.
In order for the million to not be able to form their own opinions without permission..like children.
In order for them to not be able to budget their own money, clean their homes, dress their children or drive from Point A to Point B without satellite signals…
In short, the average IQ of the million being lowered to a point where they can barely do anything for themselves other than what they are commanded to do.
So they couldn’t protect their own lives , the lives of their children nor tell when they were all being made fools of ..to their faces.

It could be an example for those who knew that things were being done and being done wrong.

Yet, due to whatever class or position they find themselves in, refused to intervene. Because, by the looks of things, the justification for “benevolent slavery and genocide” is something they had to always remind themselves was for a “greater good” and desperately needed to believe.
They may have said a prayer once in a while or rolled their eyes over the “animals” society has living in it.

They may even shed a tear or two, from the guilt, once in a while.
Because they would never have dreamt that they would have become the type of people to ignore human beings be hurt for any reason. Or to purposefully mistreat one kind to boost another, diminish one because of his sex and color and openly favor and glorify another for the same. Although they give dedicated lip and tongue service around the subjects of “humanity” “enlightenment” and “brotherly love” all the time.
The ones who don’t consider themselves like “most of the million in general”. Some even secretly believing “they deserve what they get”.
The ones who follow the commands of the hundred and hope that the future will turn out “okay anyway”. With more than a few who seemed to have forgotten a little diddy about paved roads, best intentions and Hell.
The ones too frightened to admit that their logic isn’t logic at all…when they look at the truth of what was to blame for certain situations to turn out as they had. In the very first place and all along.
The ones who can see and experience this madness just as well as those in the million who are equally intelligent, equally law abiding and equally respectful of and craving peaceful solutions.
The ones who struggle against black walls of confusion when they look in the direction of where the image of a “wise and extraordinary” advocate should be..but can’t quite shake that feeling of a punk ass grinning back.

Or something like that.

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