Beauty Tips for My Age and Up

older woman laughing with arms crossed by gray wall


The following link contains very good and sensible beauty tips for women my age and older.

The article features DYI products and substitutions that, mercifully, don’t involve wasting any more money than what was spent in pursuit of that “everlasting youth”.
The one that doesn’t exist.
Even if it did, it would exist somewhere between the head and heart inside. It wouldn’t be embedded in the grooves around the eyes or hanging on for dear life from the duplicate or triplicate chin which we’ve failed at “hiding” by covering with brown eye shadow.
(You know what I’m talking about, “young” ladies).

What a relief it will be to watch a new generation of women (people in general) mature into the grace of being older, without shame, “guilt” or whatever else cruel nonsense the media encourages out of us and into us.
In a time where we finally and proudly announce our true ages in the spirit of celebration, not juvenile dread.

In the meantime, we can start by accepting that hours spent squeezing our 50 pound haunches into 10 ounce Spanx are ridiculous wastes of time.
The natural beauty and attraction qualities of a young woman covers a vast array of factors. Ones that are no longer and should no longer be of an older woman’s domain.
Like the natural state of “knowing less” than what the world will bring to her attentions (and onto her shoulders) later down the road; making for a lighter set of “baggage” and less life worn weariness around the edges.

There are countless other factors that exist in the world of youthful beauty-and they are not painted on, injected , purchased nor elaborately “disguised’.

When we start talking about turkey skin textured necks supporting horribly mismatched and taut Botoxed faces above, “duck bill” lips and collapsed singular nostrils…the imagery is about as far away from the “youthful” dream as any self-deluding nightmare could be.

Self-acceptance. Minimalism. Good common sense.
It’s amazing how beautiful an older woman can truly be, with just those three tips in play…along with the ones in the link, of course.

photo By mimagephotos

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