Yesterday’s Father

Macho man with arms crossed

This is only for the Men who work hard and walk proud
in the path of Yesterday’s fathers.

For the fathers who are still kings in their castles,
as strong corulers alongside their queens.
The disciplinarians.
The advice givers.
The fixer ups. The protectors.

I’d like to extend the best of Father’s Day greetings to that sort of father,
..for the families lucky enough to have kept him.

The one whose sons listen to him with respect and a healthy amount of fear.
Before his sons are dropped into a world that
respects none of them and will abuse and punish them
in much more heinous ways than
he would have or could have ever dreamt of.
The sort of father who lives and sets the type of example so that his daughter can confidently distinguish between the kind of man that will honor her
and the punk too weak and selfish to waste her love and her life on.

Not the overgrown boy wearing short pants and booty socks
in his senior years.
Not the bitter and overly anxious wimp too scared to speak up for himself,
let alone those he’s expected to “protect and cherish” against all dangers.
Who only extends his best energies for the next new perversions or brain numbing doo-dad.
While spending the rest of his energies in exasperated anger and annoyance
over others daring to bother him in his all-important spaces.
Though he still weeps and whines over being left alone-
giving nothing, extending nothing, fixing nothing, nourishing nothing.
Doing nothing and being nothing..never mind wasting time role playing as a “father”.

The one who relies on the system to keep his son out of prison..
The one who relies on the system to teach his daughter how to love..
The one who relies on and expects the system to protect him, be loyal to him
and keep him warm and comfy.
The one who relies on the system to feed him, clothe him and pat him
on his head before tossing him into the dumpster.
Onto the pile of life’s other worn and worthless debris.

The one who leaves nothing behind
and content to be remembered as nothing.
Exactly how his beloved system needs him to be.

In short, the sort of Today’s “father” that Yesterday’s Father
would have fought until his last breath to protect against becoming
and his family from being damaged by..
..if only we’d been allowed to keep him.

photo By Felix Mizioznikov

words By Ramsy

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