New Kinds of Apologies

You know it has to be given, sooner or later.
The apology.
For whatever reason and from whenever in time, everyone has been obliged to apologize at least once in their life.

Wouldn’t it be something else if you could turn the apology into a true treat?
By doing something that could feel better than revisited feelings of guilt (risking potential reopened sore spots) or smell a whole lot sweeter than an ongoing and festering grudge?
I’ve included links regarding two unique gifts one can learn and then give easily, in stead of traditional spoken word apologies.
The first two are about making and giving a chocolate foot massage.

While the final one is on how to give a hot stone massage.

Making the chocolate rub.

Various foot massage techniques

Learning how to give a hot stone massage.

The most beautiful thing about these is that that either party (the “offender” or “offendee”) can be the one to prepare and present them.

Of course, if it was a very serious infraction which lit the fuse, it may be better to simply wait until all flying frying pans have been grounded first. After all, one of these suggestions does require a certain number of rocks-meant for massaging not as missiles.

Substituting the verbal apology with one of these two unique actions can leave a long-lasting impression and bring immediate physical benefit.

And there are no words to describe how much it can say about how “worth the effort” you will make him or her feel-just the sort of feeling one usually needs in those occasional bumps along the way.

photo By Andrey Hertz

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