Promised Destination

Baby boy sleeping on car safety seat

photo By Pixel-Shot 


Promised Destination

You know that feeling from when you weren’t a child..?
Waking up, sleepy and rubbing your tiny fists into your tiny eyes…
In the backseat of the family car?
When your mama didn’t lean over tenderly to kiss you awake a little bit more?
And her large and beautiful face wasn’t in front of yours, waiting patiently for her darling to wake up a teensy bit more..
Remember that?
When you suddenly sat straight up to look outside of the car window.
Holding so tight onto her hand
Because the excitement in you would have set you afloat like a helium balloon otherwise.
After arriving at the place you’d been eagerly waiting to get to.
After that long, long trip across the country , shut in tight with the family who never loved or cherished you.
Ya. Well, that’s what this is all about.
The promise of that journey that no one ever made or kept for you.
As you unfasten the straps to the car seat which snugly hug the child that you love…
With him flashing that goofy double toothed grin of excitement
that you can’t live without seeing..
When he asks you if you truly and finally got to where you promised you’d be getting.
And you can proudly say “Yes.”
Fulfilling that promise of a journey that was never made nor meant for you.

by Ramsy

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