The Type of Master That They Serve

Many times, higher end authority figures enlist the assistance of lessor grade authorities for various schemes and plans.
Sometimes, those schemes involve destroying people and things, for the sake of
accomplishing “glorious” or “world changing” things.

Those who go along with the suggestions,

( from the golden tongues of highly educated and popular world brains, I’m sure)

can end up talking themselves into doing things that they would never have imagined doing otherwise.

But just as long as they have this “better world for all” carrot bouncing in front of their elegant and polished snouts, the sky is the limit.

They can find themselves voluntarily assisting in things like murder, stealing, heisting extra cracker packs from the salad bar…you know.
Some may claim that these days can serve as a good example of this socio-psycho ass kissery.
Those lessor authorities such as governors, professors, doctors, celebrities, so forths and so ons from across the nations, demanding the masking of their peoples during this “viral epidemic”.

(although they have yet to say anything or take immediate action regarding any real health epidemics. Like the ones bringing millions of us to our knees health-wise every day-corporate sponsored radiation poisoning, forced sterilizations, enforced mental retardation…piddly matters like that.)
The ones who have turned the “suggestions” from their adored and respected “betters” at the CDC and have molded them into “regulations”. Laws. Opportunities.
When we demand questions be answered, as to what proofs or evidence there are for these laws being enforced, the lessor authorities huff up and puff gales of insult, derision and threats at us as responses.
Not caring that they are still able to be seen by minds that haven’t been completely disabled …
Or that, when it comes to the definition of “traitor”, they actually and factually could have sketches of their grinning faces alongside the word.
Those guys and gals.

The ones who have a  “better” class of human beings to listen to other than us.
Flashy folk with pretty rings, “fly” watches on their wrists and a helicopter or two at their disposal to go hunting down hot models and good times. That is, if I may be allowed a sarcastic and adolescent illustration of their “wealth and power”.

Folks who hold up their noses just so and narrow their bright and intellectual peepers just right when they speak about “grown folks” subjects of high finance and such. Folks with walls of degrees which obviously, absolutely and positively guarantee that they know what they’re talking about.

And that there’s no way on Earth that they could be telling lies. Of course.

We’re going to be stuck with this disaster for a while yet.

As little “insignificant” and “disposable” riff raff, we’re going to be stuck going along with punishments and regulations whether we like them or not.

Our money will be controlled and our sex lives will be eradicated under a certain income level and severely adjusted for the other, to mention just a few upcoming and increased violations.
One section of the populace will be grinning wide smiles to keep the moods “forward looking and positive!” because “nothing’s wrong”.
Yet, they’ll be the ones behind closed doors, retching and sweating buckets of anxious and persistent confusion..because they honestly won’t know what to think.
While another section, fully aware of the whole fiasco, but too poor and insignificant for anyone to listen to them……will be tying off noose knots and knocking back pills by unprecedented trainloads, just to get the hell outta here.
It’s going to be “something else”, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, it’s also worth mentioning that we “cattle” also have a tendency to act as if we lost all sense and dignity when responding to the Masters-in shabbier dressed and less well spoken versions of our politicians and other bright spark hot shots.
It can be seen in how we hold ourselves when in their presence.
Like little children with their little chests puffed out, standing next to their important Daddy or real pretty Mom.

Some who go as far as to ape the dress styles and/or whispery academic vocal tones; though they may be completely lost in true understanding or secretly suffer from inborn and eternal bad tastes.

It’s for those lessor authorities

(the nicer ones who stabbed us in the back, not the “meanies”)

for whom which I’ll write down what I have to.

For their dignity’s sake, for further down the road.

For when they find out what’s at the core of the personalities that they’ve been accommodating.
I don’t want them feeling too bad, because it may come as a complete shock to a few “well-meaning” accessories.
I’m choosing to highlight a few sections from an earlier version of the declaration of a “secret war” against US citizens in general. Allegedly from a Bilderberg conference in 1979.

One can piece together their general opinion of us within their various and specific complaints over how “despicable” we are.


One can understand how lessor authorities could agree.

The actions mentioned can be regarded as spineless examples of the ways we chose to handle laws affecting our lives, sure.
I suppose..

(if only to spare their precious majesties from being so sickened by our not “fighting for ourselves”)

…that we could have done better.

However, when one looks at “choices” we never had, concerning these things..
Like the federal punishments we faced, and currently face, if we DARE try saying “no” when and if we’re called to service.

The open hostilities and humiliation we can face from our leaders and various “patriotic” authorities, along with our neighbors, for trying to ship our sons to safety and/or risking severe punishments for ourselves.

Millions of ‘us’ were forced into sacrificing our sons to war-not because we’re a bunch of selfish dummies …as was snidely suggested by the forebears of the Masters we are now being ruled under.
Or the devastation of losing our assets after being dragged through courts by our governments…for DARING to not pay our taxes.

Frozen bank accounts, frozen wages or any variety of other punishments and harassments -over which many men killed themselves over, over the years after forced income tax payments became a permanent fixture in our society.
Yes, I suppose the most proper and intellectual individuals would have a right to voice disgust over our inaction.

But come on, man…what kind of creatures are we talking about here?
The type of creatures who would call human beings “idiots” and “cowards” for trying to save themselves from being thrown into prison or from losing their entire lives due to NOT obeying the laws?
Especially while being the creatures who put all of those laws into place in the first place?
I don’t know what type of creatures they should be referred to as- although they’ve been more than generous supplying specific definitions for us as creatures- but….
I can say, with fullest confidence, that they most certainly are not the sort of creatures one should be stepping and fetching for , with the  wide, dumb and adoring smiles on our faces as we do.

They are not the type of creatures anyone should hold in highest regard, with us silent and heads bowed when they openly insult us.
That’s for damned sure.

Not with the nasty and putrid ways that they have referred to us, while handing the baton to members of the next generation-who are currently busy doing their “thing”.

Even though we may have to suffer their laws..
There is no law on this Earth that obliges us to treat them like we end up doing.

With our eyes bugged out, holding up and waving banners and clawing through the air for a lousy autograph. Hanging onto their every word like gospel. Watching idiot talk show panel members “debate” their words and “what they meant.”
Not from these people. Not anymore. Those days of extreme and honoring looks of “worship” should melt away into silent looks of disdain and/or indifference.
That’s one thing we can start working on…. in our captivity.

The open displays of affection, awe or respectful nods of heads to every thing coming out of their mouths.
Crowding around their vehicles at events, where they’ve got bodyguards to teach you a lesson if you step too close to these self appointed “gods”.

There’s no need to dishonor ourselves by continuing these gestures and teaching our children to repeat them.

We can pay the bills without giving them the satisfaction of calling us every name in the book because we act as if we’re still “too stupid to live.”

Let them carry on with their idiot Utopian kick.

With their sci-fi born “humanity laws”; snickering into their tea because they can’t believe how easy it was to openly get rid of so many idiots…with other idiots beating them to death.
Sure. A big Congratulations on that to them. Ya got us. Big Whoop.
Real men and women, healthy no-nonsense human beings..

(like the American was shaping up to be when “Jealous and the Gang” came sidewinding up to us),

….would have taken a couple of years to tie things up.
They wouldn’t have snuck around, pussyfooting for over a century, that’s for sure.
They would have had the solid guts to announce that we were screwed to our faces-
…curfews at 8. Nobody ignore that or else me and Papa will be in to talk to you later.”

It’s those types of individuals…sneaky, calculating, dishonest, careless, arrogant and flamboyant in the “hidden” sarcasms that they display….that I feel would bring great shame to a few lessor authorities who do their bidding in these current times.

If they had the better fortunes of better thinking abilities or more soundly educated, I don’t doubt that they’d have chosen otherwise.
They wouldn’t have signed off on any anti-Constitutional treaties so easily.

And they surely wouldn’t have risked exposing the safety and health of our children to people who carried a legacy filled with that much hate and disgust for them.
If these lessor authorities went crazy supporting the (unjust) tearing down of Southern Civil War memorials, screaming about “the messages of insult” that these memorials allegedly represented..
Then I highly doubt those insults uttered about us (our grand-parents at the time) would have sat too well with the lessor authorities of that or this time.

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