No Need to Travel Far

One doesn’t need to travel far before one may see how much of a joke the CDC has always considered most matters concerning our health, our lives.
That “zombie” thing was laughed off by a few, while the majority of the adult population (who had been able to rely on and experience some sort of respectful professionalism from the CDC’s direction, over a handful of decades) responded in all sorts of ways, ranging from confusion to disgust.

Neither is there a need to throw on any “genius caps” to understand what the UN and “Divine”  institutions are fond of taunting us with and flaunting in the front of our faces.

This particular third finger bird, flipped in the face of billions of their supporters and “family” members, shouldn’t really be a shock.


I found an article explaining why one author believes that the mandatory mask wearing is not against our Constitutional rights.

As if that makes a difference, at all.

There’s plenty of events and situations that are clearly violations of SOME laws SOME where..

(Such as forced sterilizations and purposefully overdosing the public with  hormones, amongst other heinous and now openly practiced assaults via the CDC per the U.N.

Heinous and openly practiced degradation of our vulnerable via the Media per the U.N.

So on and forth.)
Forcing millions of human beings into positions of having no choices, being threatened and/or blackmailed for not obeying a foreign entity’s commands..

Surely, in even the most minimally governed territories of this world..those insults can be considered as wrong as wrong could possibly be.


(Including the forced and legal actions surrounding a “disease” that could be a massive and blatant lie from the CDC. The same CDC whose documents have already been carrying one single lie, right under our noses over the course of forty years ..after its original disclosure.
This lie.

(A quick and casual thumbing through any of the United Nation’s/ CDC’s docs., regarding reproduction, sex education, women’s rights, immigration and concerning the developmentally disabled, will easily and occasionally reveal this sarcastic “secret” and suggested lie.

……..the United States must HIDE its tracks and DISGUISE its programs as altruistic…” with the suggested lie placed down as an example on what wording should be used.

Wording which is nothing BUT the same lie repeated by the CDC and UN

Many times, over the course of many years.. up to this very day. 

If the links still exist, that is.)

Even if the wording to this LIE were to be easily “scrubbed out” as being a reference in these multiple places, the ironic amusement of it being found within this “permanent” tribute of an embarrassing long and drawn out definition by members of their own “family” in Media, makes this too good not to share

(When the link, in the preceding sentence above, is read with solid and average reasoning, it is also most possibly THE most embarrassing “egg-on-face” bloviation in written history; made even more disturbing by how VERY hard it tries and how very long it rambles onward- meant to “convince” the world of the “caring efforts” and parties involved)


It’s not going to take much at all, before the “ignorant minority” of us swells into a clearer seeing and rightfully- entitled -to -answers majority.

With all stages of grieving aside, the time is fast up and coming to where this entire planet of peoples will come to accept their better and truest senses.


They will finally compute that BILLIONS of people is indeed a larger number than the HUNDREDS of abusers ; whom they will no longer allow themselves to be intimidated by.

We will get our answers, soon enough, with long lasting benefits on top of it all.

But not before we get these humiliating masks off of our faces.

And not before the criminals who’ve forced those masks there, are well on their way to being out of our lives.
Because, truly……

One doesn’t need to travel far to see how much of a joke the CDC has always handled and considered all matters concerning our health and how deep the disdain runs which they have been obligated to show for us.

As a gift for fellow siblings, who dread being forced to bear Massa’s modern collar of forced “submission”…if one has access to proper printer editing software….and in the similar  “light and comedic” spirit with which the CDC dares to mock us openly with, I return the favor in the form of a printable mask template that shows up quite nicely on the background of a black cotton mask.

Being in the process of crafting multiple copies for potential sale, I , Ramsy, will share this design and verse freely if one wishes to “DYI” a free and unique protestation of their own.






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