One Lousy Apology Between Two Old “Men”


There’s a world full of people that two very old men on this earth owe apologies to.

I won’t include myself, naturally. For I’m a mere insect, one of the ugly waste products borne from undesirable socio-bio riff-raff..according to them and all who direct this show, in a nutshell.
I am certain, however, from amongst billions of people worldwide, there exist decent women, good men and extraordinary folk who couldn’t escape having their lives ripped to shreds by the direct actions and roles filled by these men-Ehrlich and Kissinger.
Not because the people actually did anything to deserve targeted elimination.
It’s just because they were born into certain “despicable” groups which these two proudly and arrogantly declared as worthless enough to consider worth exterminating.
They lived long lives highly respected, honored and to this day if a mountain of mud would rain down on them…leaders and intellectuals would lick them squeaking clean, so they may continue to enjoy their ongoing glory and immunity from criticism.
No matter what they ever said and no matter what hells they contributed towards in making our lives.

They both had multiple advisements and prepared impressive strategies (or passed them on) for the world’s governments to implement re: the reduction of our numbers and the number one priority of stopping the “unusual and wasteful” breeding we dared to engage in.
Each and every suggestion which Ehrlich (and his unannounced co-author wife) presented, to great enthusiasm and acceptance, are suggestions which are still in place to this very day.

From the Earned Income Credit, the sterilization of our males and minimizing the priorities of finding ways to save people suffering from mid age diseases-like cancer.
(Pushing the notion that excessive sex be socially instituted as a fun hobby, instead of for baby making..yeah, the “big man on campus” scored a home run hit with that as well.)
As for Kissinger, well, let’s just say he warned of the dangers that educated, informed and passionate young folks posed. He made one hell of a good argument on how to handle such terrible prospects.
Both men are recorded as demanding that our generations be “reduced” “disarmed” and “gotten rid of” ….and yet they went on to carry on with business, even managing to breed a few kids themselves. Without a single force in this world having anything to say about any of it. Not about the hypocrisy of their own precious and expanded broods nor our heart sickening assaults associated with the population reductions.

I will admit that it causes me great fury and sadness to think they became grandparents.
If only because I will probably never have the privilege of holding my own biologically related grandchildren  because of what they and their associates did and are doing.
At least, however, I get to imagine that somewhere along the way they got an inkling of what loving their children, protecting their children and watching them grow into health and success can be like. Somewhere in those inklings, I carry an even smaller notion that they may want to issue an apology before they die, because of the millions which they (with massive and synchronized corporate sponsorship and U.N. leadership) helped rob and rape them of those joys. Those comforts. Their happiness. Their legacies.

A few groups of human beings who deserve apologies are those who…
..Lost their children to suicide from the havoc overdoses of hormonal applications wreck upon human beings. Or watched them struggle with diabetes, severe weight gains, gall bladder diseases and more.
..Lost ongoing battles with their promiscuous teens, fighting and pleading that they didn’t live reckless sexual lives to end up degraded and bearing children w/out security or their pride intact.
..Lost loved ones to long bouts of cancer, decade after miserable decade, because esoteric rumor has it that there was much more to gain by our death rates over the births.
…Lost children to serial killings and variously insane violence that can accompany, if not cause, the mood disorders common in excessive hormonal “experimentations”. These things which were made much worse on top of excessive porn and whatever other little tricks and tools that the science, medical and media worlds whipped up to suit the UN’s one “little”, but most important mission, of shrinking our numbers down.

There is much more fallout that most of us aren’t aware of and no one will tell us. But I promised myself to get through this without getting upset..
So. That’s what I will do.
I’ve said enough. For now.

They’re both going to die very soon.
It’s the only reason I’d even waste my time thinking on them.
Wondering if this world has enough “magic” or sanity left in it, so that the notion of a withered elitist Grinch’s heart growing an extra ounce wouldn’t be all that impossible.
Wondering if they learned anything humane within the 80-90 years of living, to at least say “I am sorrier than you can imagine”. Even if they thought themselves too good to climb down from their wretched high horses to admit that they were dead wrong in doing these things in the first place.

With the damages irreversible, billions of us forced to exist under perverted “benevolent slavery” and with them KNOWING there no longer exist a court of justice in this world to offer us anything at all, nor touch them with a ten foot anything…
One would think they’d have at least one lousy and dirty crumb, between the both of them, to toss our worthless ways- in the form of one lousy (sans sarcasm) apology before they kick off to those “halls of everlasting glory” which they apparently have been convinced wait for them, courtesy of their “brilliant and cunning” occupations.

(Unless, of course, we don’t measure up as high enough animals to warrant a fraction of the current U.N. respects for lab animal rights. Or if God hasn’t given his “Okey Dokes” for the Popery to permit such a ridiculous thing. Potato, Potah-to.)

It’s just…a thought.
One that gets too heavy to bear, some days, and even more impossible to ignore each day.
Doing the only thing I can to cope, I choose to release the pressure here within my diary.
And I thank you very much for reading. It feels nice to know you’re there.




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