It’s about MORE than Masks: Being Reduced to Welfare State

Of course it hurts; the United Nations, with whatever other key figures through history, gunning for America to be reduced to a welfare “state” of the UN.

My grandfathers , no ones’, did not screw up the rest of their lives or lose limbs to defend the “glorious dream” of a welfare state.

But this is EXACTLY what’s happening.

Not only that, it’s being done on the Smirk and smiles of some rag bag high ranking punks who have the nerve to insult us by proclaiming the “virus” is showing favoritism for major cooperation’s businesses for food and entertainment, by staying they MURDER each and every small business on such a filthy and lame LIE.

Our fathers didn’t DIE so that our children could be ripped away from their education and thousands of families didn’t work their fingers to bones only to lose their businesses to this UN scourge.
This blatant scourge.
This fight is much more than about masks…
It’s about survival and our country.

NOW I understand why the brown and black faces like mine, of my siblings (and under educated immigrants) are being featured everywhere.

Like a sick joke.

NOW I know why they’ve been pandering and proclaiming “support” for our poor and making this “free” society seem like a utopian dream fast upcoming.

When it’s NOTHING but a usurpation AND a slap to all of our faces in this nation.

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