What Mother Will Need From You

What Mother Will Need from You

In order to save Her,

you must keep in mind that She’s never needed

and that She doesn’t need saving.

Your love. Your respect. Your patience.

These will be the only things that She will need.

The kind of love which comes only from those who would never hurt Her again.

The respect of knowing that the air, the waters and her children belong only to Her.

No one else.

While you offer Her enough patience so that She may heal again.

So that Her trees can begin to grow again.

Until Her waters can run clear again.

Although you know that you may not live long enough

to see Her smile again.

Making sure that each generation understands

how very much She means.

How very much they’ve always meant to Her.

How very well and for how very long She has endured the pain from..

the creatures who carve and blast gashes into Her flesh

to scoop out Her brightest and most precious bones.

Just to stuff them onto their heads and fingers.

The sleepless nights of hearing Her children scream

because they refused to betray Her or bow to these creatures.

And the restless days of watching Her children suffer

after dedicating their lives to these creatures.

As long as you restore Her longest lost delights.

Cool and quiet nights to soulfully sing forgotten lullabies

without choking on the fumes of giant murdering chimneys.

Warm and lovely afternoons to lazily make love

without the terror of being raped by mongrel egos.

These will be the only things that She will need from you.

Your promise. Your faith. Your determination.

A promise that all will be set right again.

The faith that She still loves you dearly enough to

let you try again.

With a fiercely held determination

to never allow Her or Her children to be sickened, abused and destroyed

behind lies disguised in the name of Her salvation

 ever again.

photo By Delphotostock

words By Ramsy

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