Order From an Evil “Massa” or Simply a Stupid One.

It’s a punk shot thrown by a feeble and treasonous old “Massa”.

(Not that he’s the only one currently flexing pecks, across the entire world, mind you)

A miserable ole Massa who forgot that some of us “kin still read “ …

And understand EXACTLY what F E M A actually means…and always has meant.

Or maybe he’s just a cold hearted ole Massa who isn’t aware that our Overseer (the CDC-er) is doing a fine job already..choking us into our masks, ripping away our businesses through the mask……radiating us to death under cover of the mask, sterilizing us and all sorts of “humdingery” over the past eighty years.

Although, to be fair, he may not be aware of ANY of it..so, respectfully, that would only make him simply a stupid old man.

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