Overseas Protests

Before they’re taken down………

(While I’ve been seeing “protest invites” here in America…

Between the fact that they have the keywords like “stop trafficking” in their posters-next to the “illuminated Lady Liberty” (the trafficking issue being the exact priority issue that the UN used to incorporate placing our boys on sex offender lists and abuse our men for their sex drives) and that they have manufactured each and every fake “grassroots” protest America has ever had …it doesn’t “feel” too good.

(ya, Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring that means your fake humps)

I saw a major protest scheduled in the middle of a sacrificial Satanic “holy week”…but.. with the fact that our major online media is allowing advertising of it? Ya..naw; I couldn’t be sorrier that I can’t trust my country that much.

We do need to band together in large masses, soon. As if our lives depended on it…because they do)

But in other countries, where the media is attacking them relentlessly?

THAT…is a different story.


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