Alan Knew the Type

In the future, human beings will find it a severe cruelty -what an entire world of “intellectuals” and “spiritual” leaders allowed to happen to billions of
Many will be horrified, and for those directly descended from those of us who will die or live complete lives of disability and misery, a deeper sorrow will persist.

They’ll be astonished that an entire institution was allowed to destroy and experiment with our lives as if we and the babies we cherished were nothing at all. As if we all had no dreams, no worth, no purpose. As if it was not our right to feel pain, shield our children from danger or live free as Spirit intended.

Kings, ministers, politicians and celebrities alike, who are safe and arrogantly ignoring it all, not giving much of a damn…they won’t be remembered with respect nor glory, only deep disgust and deeper pity.
Because whatever “reasons” Science has given to manage our numbers, murder us off and tear our lives apart in the open as they never has and never will amount to anything for the “greater good” except ongoing, increasing horror and the destruction of a world of Nature they claim needs “saving”.

There’s a certain type that accomplished this.
The type that is now standing by and watching us suffer, lose our minds, our children and our future-With pride. Relish. Or whatever narrow minded affliction keeps them warm at night.
Alan broke this type down for us beautifully fifty years ago.

Not able to find a proper end point, I’ve included the link to the complete lecture here.

Heaven willing, in a decade not too far away, their dominance and control over billions of human lives and laws will be soundly destroyed. Where they will be kept isolated to the non living studies and kept as far away from our lives, minds and bodies as possible. Along with the owl eyed occultists (inheritors of ancient and brutal hate) who inspired them so completely.

In a saner world, where the definition of abuse and murder will finally be set-no longer an unchallenged privilege for those “better” than us.

In a blessed time where both politicians and the celebrities whose lips are permanently grafted onto their asses, will be vaguely remembered as laughable or lamentable  bygone monsters, no longer feared, worshipped nor obeyed.

For this sort of mechanical and hate filled blackness  truly had no right to be anywhere near Earth’s children nor should they have been trusted to such extremes that things were made more horrible than any future generations will be able to imagine.
At all.

photo By Sondem

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