Blocked by Buzz50, However…

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One would have thought that I had found a wallet full of cash and candy when I found the website.

I was THAT delighted.

Not much more than 24 hours ago, I stumbled across a chat site for seniors over the age of fifty.

“Whew” my brain sighed when I found it.

After whipping up my profile and browsing the various profiles, my brain perked up with a

“Well now, that’s better.”

Many chat sites leave a lot to be desired nowadays and present a tiddle bit too much of what needs to be avoided.

I even found a couple of intriguing profiles which announced interest in discussions and debates-with no stress placed on “dating” foolishness.

I told my youngest son about my find. Then I told a buddy of mine. Both of them understand that making friends, for me ( certainly, for millions of others as well) has been a  challenge when confined to only  online.

With the whole “adhd” “aspergery” rum dubbery on top of it…’s not exactly the best experience.

Then my buddy cracked a joke about how not to expect to be there for long.

“Why?” I chuckled back.

“Look at the pics.

Did you not notice that SOME body is the ONLY caramel female in the whole vanilla pudding?”

What came out of my mouth was a cross between a chicken cluck and a swallowed guffaw of a laugh.

Because freedom of speech still exists within my household and my white friends are neither ever apologetic or worried about racial jokes. As it should be..and used to be. Given our druthers, we’d both shake the tablecloth loose of every foul, instigating, poisonous and insulting “P.C.” campaign and fire starter that currently exists.

Oh, and we’d banish the United Nations associates who started all of this P.C. garbage in the first place.

Well…guess who wasn’t able to sign in because she was blocked today?


I have e-mailed for a reason. There is no response but I will choose to assume that my placing the link of my blog site dealt the true blow to my brief, with eyes full of stars hope, “membership”.

I didn’t let my buddy finish what she had to say concerning “what I should do”, as one can imagine. Especially in the middle of these ridiculous days.

She knew better.

She knows the vision of my future, what I back up and stick to. She knows I’d rather laugh and spend my energy on things that actually matter.

Where every single person can decide who to be with. And where they are respected, at the very least, and left alone without harassment or fear for making those choices.

I also believe in giving credit or compliment where both are due.

Sure, I think a complete boot, without a warning, when I was barely familiar with the terms…eh, not so cool.

For all anyone knows, a deranged spammer-troll-whatchmahoober may have caused wicked troubles-thus the stringency. It doesn’t matter.

The overall quality of the profile introductions was a pleasant relief.

That moment I felt like I’d finally be amongst my own chronological peers, folks who could share the same memories from our youth…..the feeling couldn’t have felt sweeter.

Better luck next time, right? Right.

So..if Reader is around that age group and interested, here ya go.

(update-Sept 19th 11:42

I snuck back in under a new account because I am THAT fond of debates and discussions and it is THAT rare on most sites. Plus, it would be polite to at least get back to those who spent their time writing me.

Shhhhhhh……{wink} )

(update-Sept 20th)

Being a married woman who said not one word about seeking love, cuddles, smuggles or such…..this reply was as unforgiving, assumptive and rude as they get.

But, bless their little hearts…they did reply.

The reply

You were blocked automatically as we are not a dating site and try our
best to protect our members especially new ones from possible scammers.
Our system blocks anyone who ignores that important rule for their
safety and blocks anyone exchanging personal information such as phone
numbers, email addresses and Hangouts etc.
Members are warned about this on joining.

Under the new profile? Which had no links? Rejected.

Yes, yes…I know when “my kind” is not wanted. Greatest of success anyway to this site with its Windows 93 interface.

Mila and the admin team

photo By deagreez

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