Video project: song “Bobby and Whitney”

One does have to admit..

Despite a century of pussy-footing, propagandist, pied-piper media hoo-doo…

The fact that Media could wash in notions like “still living with my moms” and “having no job” and have them NOT register as the biggest socio-sexual buzz kills to ever drift out of any grown adult’s mouth in the history of human mating and attraction…

It is (in a melancholy and bittersweet light, mind you) pretty damned near magical.

In a sneaky-tree- dwelling- troll magical way…not happy- elf -making- shoesand-sunbeams way.

In the meantime..

I tossed together a little creation of my own to add to the heap-a combination of this song and these video clips

(© stryjek/Pond5 on

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