Keeping Hypervigilant This Month


Surely, I’m not the only one who can plainly see that they are simply poking more fun at us.

Taking the piss, so to speak.

Not even Halloween movie night with your family, eh? Right.

So…everyday watching movies with your family (as opposed to that random group of truckers you find on the side of the highway and bring home for dinner from time to time) is also supposed to be overseen by the all mighty Lords of the UN, yes?

No costume parties?

Even with all of those masks rumored to be at these things?


It would be laughable if the  situation wasn’t so very critical overall.

Which reminds me…

I had been discussing with a friend about how I believe our leaders subjected themselves to nasal rape by the CDC, for testing, about as much as I believe the moon to be made up of burlap and feathers.

That brought to mind an important reminder regarding “high holy days” of October.

Although Halloween has been cancelled (along with the aforementioned idiotic extras) I’ve no doubt that besides them scoring sick kicks over an entire country wearing masks 24/7 anyway, that we need to exercise extreme caution within the next few weeks, concerning those set to unleash more massive and unpleasant “tricks” on us.

I hope we look out for one another more than usual-taking note of unofficial vehicles in our neighborhoods or suspicious masked groups of people roaming in our streets at any one time and so on. Not listening to nor following suspicious extra “guidelines” involving our locations or anything of the sort.

We can’t let a thing, any space or the distraction of futile faiths concerning what “our country won’t let happen to us” to be taken for granted in the least.

I hope we also keep our police officers in the forefront of our consideration and our prayers…in the light of Media’s active participation in UN associated entities dismantling our dedicated authorities, slandering them, stripping our cities of protection and stirring up unrest like everyone can see that they are

We can go back to bickering like hot headed children over the colors of our skin and the grudges we hold later. When we don’t have to be afraid or unsure anymore. When we are safe.

Although heaven knows, I doubt that those sorts of behaviors will be that much of a problem anymore..after those who incorporated them into our society in the first place are out of control of our lives.

Right now? Whether we want to face facts or not, we have a much more serious problem on our hands as an ENTIRE nation. With the near complete control of the “news” that we see on the screen being out of our hands, we need to keep those eyes on those windows, calmer edges to our voices and more mature ears glued to the sides of our heads.

They’ve gotten away with enough tricks in our faces and under our noses. May this month, in particular, not be made so easy (if it even has to be) as too many times before.

Mind these dates. And mind what’s been allowed to happen so far.

List taken from

photo By alexandarilich


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