Masks-When You Absolutely, Positively Need the Mating to Come to a Grinding Halt.

Not so easily seen, nor accepted by most, is that most of our “unexplained’ diseases and destructive propaganda are related to one thing-that little ole population reduction program that was implemented in 1975 by folks who hate us.

What can be easily seen, are the masks on our faces, in the midst of this current population reducing phase.

While many of us understand the justification for these things,

(if there was indeed an actual airborne pathogen on the rampage..brilliant enough to recognize designated “mask free zones”..and respectful enough to avoid pestering real human beings who matter-academic automatons, UN boot lickers, bullying know.)

I would bet that most of us aren’t aware of how handy they are as sure-fire impediments to our already diminished sexual happiness and reproduction efforts, where the sense of smell plays an amazingly important role.

That is, if one were “silly” enough as to believe that an active population reducing genocide is actually going down (continuing) in this country.

All right..just one reminder

Or two.

Both were spawned and sponsored by the United Nations decades ago..Scooby Doo and all the rest.

(If this information is new to you and you’re wondering why hundreds of alleged scholars, professors, justices and leaders aren’t on this “yesterday” (as they should have been), there’s a little problem which occurs with neurological functioning after decades of mercury injections and other factors.

They can’t really reason that well at all, nor can they afford to. Poor dears.)

But, that’s another topic, for another day.

Nite nite.

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