An Explosion. Every Night. Every Week.

(Or, per original title “Since I’m Going to Die anyway.”)

This post is better meant for a future crowd of students. Fifty years down the road, one hundred..a couple hundred.

We’ve always been curious people when it comes to “wondering what in the world” people felt and whether they knew what was happening to them-in matters of genocides and other assaults throughout our histories. Seeing that I’m a prime target, a preferred “thing” to vanish..I figured I would take this moment to scribble something down.

It beats weeping and feeling the outraged bitterness that comes with having lived an entire lifetime of big mouths and money demanding we “care about one another”..but watching them sit back,ignore and play games as we die off–like many of us grew up knowing that they would do anyway.

It’s an “air vibrating” boom of an explosion.

It happens once each evening. Sometimes, twice..thirty minutes apart.

And has been happening every evening for two weeks straight.

Not many know where my husband and I chose to buy our home. We wanted to set up a second clinic amongst the clientele he’s served for over thirty years.

We decided to settle in an underserved neighborhood of an underserved community of Blacks and Latinos mixed. Being a half-breed myself, on sight of me one would say I fit right in and wouldn’t think of anything much if they were to see me strolling around-which I was never prone to do anyway, over the passed decade.

And I will assume that when my body is eventually removed from this neighborhood, as a result from this cock-eyed genocidal sweep across our country..there won’t be much said except for a few annoyed grunts from those carrying my corpse to join the other bloated and swollen bodies, because I gained weight right along the other majority of folks I’ve been noticing for five years.

You know, that “strange weight gain” which my murderers at the charming CDC keep announcing that 80 percent of us will suffer.

Weight gain that damned near dropped my jaw, as I kept track of two different populations in two different states on regular casino trips over the course of a few years. Weight gain that made no sense when seen on obviously once slender men-puffed up on the sides of the face, bulging through the hip area but the arms and legs still thin. And more.

During those years I also ran across, found and studied information that tells the wicked tale of forced hormones…radiation…and a genocide.

Not in a comic book, naw, in real life.

Information I kept trying to share but Massa’s faithful (and obviously hate filled) minions keep knocking back.

I get it, Now.

I’m supposed to smile, fold my hands in my lap politely and simply let “whatever happens” to happen. It’s not something I can do easily because I can’t shake that whole “wanting to see my child grow up safe” thing.

I’m not overly sentimental because it’s been a nightmare of a ride all throughout; since the years in which the UN encouraged those society ruining “love-ins”-thus my being conceived by two horny young adults who gave me away on my first day on earth. So I could be raised and regretted  by a hate filled mother. Until I ended up in my “proper” place in the group homes, a year before she killed herself.

Do I know how they’re targeting us? Of course not. I am, after all, a mere cow-monkey-thing that wasn’t meant to know my shoelaces from spaghetti.

The closest thing I have to offer for study (to tie in their study of DNA and pandemic scenarios) I will post below. But, if it won’t be the first time.

And shame on me anyway, for daring to pretend I’m supposed to feel anything or say anything in the middle of my being attacked..or wishing to live. I simply keep forgetting that I was never meant to be considered a human being over the passed 51 years. That’s all.

For a CDC that basically stood in front of a world to shrug shoulders and grin, dispensing contradictory blather about something (a “virus”) that was extremely important to us…their claim of being “unprepared for something this big” is basically a load of apparent and filthy hogwash. If I know nothing else, the docs below prove it’s been an intensely studied field. Not to mention the other vile things promised.

If you’re a reader from the future..well, all of us weren’t stripped to the bare bones of our IQ. Many of us were forced to witness this go down..on an excruciatingly slow run of 80 years.

(BY the time you get to the part of our history where “DNA” collection kits were being hawked for us to “discover new relatives!” can probably see how the targeting was partially accomplished so efficiently and “mysteriously”. )

At least we tried.

If not for myself, then maybe for another dark complexioned mom, dad or child who’s been a bit miffed over how our deaths are being “explained” away, while an entire modern world…..of “righteous warriors” and indignant “do-gooders” who are way too busy step and fetchin’ for a Massa (that will get rid of them too sometime down the road). Except that it won’t be quite so comical or easily ignored for them. For they are truly “much more important” than I ever could have the fortune of being born as.

The ones living in safe zones.

The ones distracted by the grants that Massa is waving in front of them. Something which feels like a VERY odd business in this household, to be sure. With my own spouse undergoing those processes regarding his clinic-this surreal distraction method….surely meant to ignore the fact that I (along with others worldwide) have been marked and included in a basic mass extermination which is going down Today ..

…to laughter, meaningless debates and filtered through to eyes unable to process the barest of common sense in their every day lives ; thanks to a century of neurological (not to mention punk assed) assaults.

This little inside joke amongst most celebrities, politicians and other “valuable” heartbeats who are aware of what’s going on but are much too busy enjoying the thrilling security of untouched and unbothered nights unbothered by..

Of when an explosive and “air vibrating” explosion goes off.

In the road, with no human beings around nor sign of the source.

Every night for weeks on end.

Knowing that if I call my town to ask what that sound was, that I’m probably going to be told by some annoyed voice that “they’ll look into it”.

And I’ll probably simply thank heaven that we even have a police dept. left at all…since 911 services and police stations have been rendered unavailable for my other brothers and sisters across this country.

(“boom” pic above By trimbaldi)

An odd little blight (blackened “burns”) that affects each leaf from our tree..never seen years before. Once again, I have no never knows.

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