To Every Adult Millennial Man: About Your Rights and Being Blatantly Abused

Because the PROOF, of severe and ongoing crimes against you, are seen and felt through the “plummeting levels of libido and testosterone”, increased feminization of our males, the ceaseless villainization and lack of anything positive to depict of our males and families in all of Media, the specific threat against what would be done to males and the specific eagerness expressed for plans to forcefully sterilize us without our permissions..

These should be all the evidence you need to eradicate and defend against UN/Papal usurpation via WHO and CDC mandates.

And why each editor, CEO, news host, celebrity, doctor, professor and more ARE guilty of giving aid to the enemy in this ongoing attack against our males and against our lives, happiness, reproduction (not to mention the horrific genetic changing of our genders)..due to their voluntary compliance with the Population Program officially set into action in 1975.

Just because it’s been going on for over hundreds of years..does not necessarily mean this obviously heinous tradition needs to continue. Documentary excerpt =ancient example of genocide carried out against earlier race of men.

Storm Over Europe 4-4

This horrific global CRIME also leads us to just one piece of evidence- that most of our elected representatives suffer from severe intellectual deficits from mercurial exposure-as they’ve failed to stop young boys from being placed onto sex offender lists, ruining their lives before majority age-a clear violation that falls under “cruel and unusual punishment” and “double jeopardy”(as they are placed on adult sex molester lists when they tun 18). BOTH laws currently in effect from a Constitution which we are being led to believe still exists. There is hardly any need to bring up that WE ARE also NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY BEHOLDEN to foreign powers and TREATIES-especially when they damage us and destroy us.

MOST especially when not one single priest, World Bank executive (

or any of our presidents with histories of abuses against women (including “p&**y grabbing” comments..which would have seen any one of our men publicly lynched) are placed upon these lists.

Allowing the sponsors of the United Nations to exercise this open hypocrisy and actual crime against humanity..can not be allowed to continue while we are openly being mauled, abused and punished for the same.

And it means they are entitled to NO legal authority to continue.



No one is expecting you to want children (although our lines are dying out as this continues) but it does not mean that you should be experimented upon and treated like a a world where chickens rights supersede your own. It does not mean you are obligated to lives of confusion, misery and multiple conditions specifically linked to hormone overdosing. From diabetes to mood swings to no sexual life. And so on.

Recently posted

Proof of the illegitimacy of Today’s “autistic traits” that are now being used against us..being used to slander us as “mentally deficient.”

ALL of the above written, decided on and implemented before you were born. As your mother..before even I was born.

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