Weighing in a Little Late on “Lost”

By Romolo Tavani

I’m still working on the unofficial “puzzle” of what the TV show “LOST” was all about.


Yes, I know, I’m a little late.

“Lost” spoilers lie ahead..within the depths of my own “Lost” theory.

I choose to imagine that it was a considerate and genius last ditch effort from media “insiders” to warn us or offer “clues” on how to get through the upcoming (now current) years, worldwide.

I chose to see a message in the character of Claire, with her baby issues, as being a warning for us to raise our own children. That we should not hand them over to NO ONE what-so-ever. No matter how “reasonable” it may seem to do so. No matter how high the pressure is, from unreliable and unseen forces.

I chose to take the initial showing of Jin as a “typical” domineering male as representing the “female rights movement” and the open abuses of males based on assumptions and slander from all corners of The Field.

Ones which weren’t in fullest swing at the time of “Lost”’s airing.

I chose to understand the clearing up of the truth, in Sun’s backstory, as vindication for him. After which we get to watch the rest of their story unfold with the husband in a good light. We get to experience how much they mean to one another. Along with other things which we can no longer express about the enduring love of a man and woman. Something which is and always has been a precious bond. And worth fighting for.

Even if many of us have never found it, it is still nothing but the most selfish of crimes to prevent others from enjoying what little there is left to find.

Or mocking others for trying to find a traditional happiness and peace.. which they full well know that they would do anything in this world to have as their own.

I even went as far as to perform a creative jig in my imagination, by tying the “Christian” character (Jack’s dad) to the “Christian” character who set up the real world’s Georgia Guidestones account. They both suggest an impressive and accomplished man with lifelong secrets to carry-potentially riddled by guilt, if not ‘simply’ unrealized ambition.

And if one were to really stretch assumptive visions..one could even include a tossing in of Australia into the mix. With a suggestion of the rebellious, abused and neglected “child” under an imposing and intruding “parental” authority.

I loved wrapping my head around how obvious the stereotypes were being highlighted.

They weren’t administered with the type of ham-fisted “P.C.” blows which we’re currently being bruised by, but with realism and lightness.

I chose to see it as a light hearted attempt to illustrate how we jump to conclusions…while remaining realistic enough to respect that some assumed conclusions can, some of the time, have rings of truth to them after all.

It doesn’t mean that the world needs to break apart over them. It means that we can grow up, dust one another off , apologize and agree to not be so loud the next time. We can agree to laugh off thoughtless jabs as forgiving buddies.. not as embittered, nervous and hair triggered phonies.

Oh yes, I went pretty far and pretty deep into the jungle, with that show.

After scoping out the vibrant fan posts from online “Lost Theories” bulletin boards years ago, I was impressed enough to finally give “Lost” a look-see for myself.

I was too shy to weigh in, at the time, against the others who brightened the scene with historical factoids and other delicious and well fashioned theories.

After three binges, I’m pleased to say that it’s still a pleasure to watch. With extra nuggets of “mystery” left for me to find or extra yardage for me to manufacture new ones to try on.

Whether original or occasional artistic intentions were bad, good or indifferent..it doesn’t matter.

True and best art tends to respect the individual viewer, by leaving enough room ,or creating enough paths, for him/her to use more of his/her own vision. By being generous enough to help varieties of folk create big enough spaces to be comfortable and happy in.

As opposed to the worst art of propaganda-dense “entertainment” -which sentences most audiences to a slow suffocation, bound by zero choice and constant derision and insult.

Here’s hoping “Lost” keeps catching the attentions of many more through the years, for a first time or fourth. And for an endless variety of ongoing thought, theories, dreams and so on.

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