My First “Vanished” Posting from 1910

This is a copy of the first post I experienced being blocked.

And it is the first time I watched an article from an international website be removed from the site itself within an hour of my posting.

It had no obvious violations going on..except the violations of a very young editor being told what to do or by the sniggering enthusiasms of an evil “child” who knew exactly what I had.

It is from a 1910 newspaper.

It is a public warning about a group of doctors spreading alarm amongst citizens and exaggerating the number of cases and “severity” of what was called “infantile paralyses”.

The disease which was renamed “polio” forty years later.

The same disease that started the forced vaccinations of school children all over this world.

And by which lying legacy we now suffer under, on a history we automatically agree with (which too few of us have bothered to investigate for ourselves) and tremble in fear over, especially when the Media masters keep stuffing in images of children on crutches in every period piece they can.

I had an uncle who contracted polio. I am not saying that no one had it at all. Come on.

From the recollections from three baby boomer mates that I shared my life with, only one ever saw a polio affected child in his neighborhood or anywhere in general. Which is a bit “odd” when the “situation” for over 40 years, was the same as now-“epidemic/pandemic”. If not odd, then it’s certainly insulting.

The scare was exaggerated and worked and reworked heavily, decade after decade, with intense financing through Harvard and travels to Africa which resulted in increased alarms and longer, wordier articles about this “epidemic” which ended up forgotten as the heinous LIE that it become the “solid truth” that we poor suckers now trust.

This is the worst copy (I apologize, but the original PDF is safe and secure elsewhere) but from its body I will present a few notable excerpts by typing them here.

The National League for Medical Freedom with headquarters in New York city

has recently issued a bulletin on infantile paralysis which will be of interest to the general public and especially to all who are interested in the general public health in general.

The article follows herewith:

The infantile paralysis scare which has been so systematically worked up and kept alive the past few weeks by certain physicians has caused more conflicting ideas and reversals of opinion among doctors in general than any epidemic of fear that has been started in a long time. The only thing that it can be compared with is the “crime wave” that a municipal police department stirs up when an enlarged appropriation of new laws giving it more despotic power are needed. On such occasions some ordinary crime is “featured” and covered with a mantle of mystery. The police discover new and more sensational clues hourly and this goes on until the purpose (back?) of it all is achieved. Then the alarming spectres fade away and are forgotten.

Infantile paralysis is not a new bugbear, although it has been widely heralded as the most modern of mysterious diseases. As a matter of fact it was known and commented upon by doctors thirty or forty years ago. No one worried about it much until lately. As a money maker for the medical profession…

(the break in the copy expressed that President Taft was being harassed into making an inquiry into the “epidemic”)

…..This motion ,however, was met with defeat. Certain clear-thinking physicians pointed out that there was no epidemic of infantile paralysis and that the disease was comparatively rare at the best, and was less prevalent this year than (illegible) . But these sensible statements were soon drowned in a flood of alarming rumors. More doctors rushed into print with more theories…….

And so, my fellow time traveler, started the 110 year long United Nations bullying and poisoning adventure…to fool the masses (now easy to do with millions of humans unable to reason under the strain of forced mental gullibility and loyalty to the only “authority” we’ve been forced to trust…without them needing to provide a stitch of proof) for a long con that would topple the entirety of our nation, kill additional millions of our people and leave us enslaved under the International police and health forces that the United Nations (read ancient Papal authority) hydra swore to implement worldwide.

This article could have been left to ride on my page all those months ago. As even a well-educated child can see, there is not a thing that is detrimental or “illegal”…it is an antique newspaper article.

(finger wag)

It’s only ONE clue..on top of  hundreds of others as to what is being hidden (clumsily and desperately) from us by an evil fourth generation of criminals…who went as far as to drag our very neurological functioning into the dirt just so that we wouldn’t be able to understand, nor listen to (many as angry children, with fingers stuffed into their ears and howling protestations to defend Mama CDC) the important life saving information that could have prevented the events of today.

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